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The Pain Machinery - Total Recall EP
review from Spanish portal La Defuncion - in english

2009 Advoxya MCD

It seems that the project of Anders Karlsson begins to take shape. The truth is, that for a group that has been active for almost 20 years three albums (CD-R´s apart) are not much. Nevertheless, after 2003, when they edited ”The Venom is going global”, they have produced an average of one album every two years, up to this year´s new work called ”Urban Survival”, produced under the new label ”Advoxya records” abandoning the earlier “BLC Productions”. This EP could with its 57 minutes be considered as a complete album rather than a sample of what we will encounter in the ”official” album. The theme is explosive. ”Total Recall” is a Molotov cocktail in form and content. The Pain Machinery plays old school EBM, impregnated with a certain very anti-system punk spirit and certainly very critical against the mass societies in the modern and decadent European cities. The programming is quite minimalist, striking and abrasive, but the sequences use to be simple, aiming for effectiveness and force rather than baroqueism and virtuosity in programming. In total there are 11 themes, various remixes of the main theme in charge of Container 90 and Ted Barley, and some extra theme like the excellent “Bloody retreat”. And the chemistry of The Pain Machinery works, because ”Total Recall” is the EBM to which we danced in the 80s but transferred to the present without changing too much the fundaments, aiming for the pogo and for messages of insurgency and social revolution. In sum, a winning bet for a energetic beat on the dance-floor. With their bomber jackets, their doc Martens and their Mohicans they make the most authentic EBM which we can find today, ideal to dance to, with its classic crushing beat to which you can move so well, to produce an alienating sound at the same time denouncing the alienation. This paradox has always moved the EBM scene, it has nourished it and today it is the way to be this ”Total Recall”. It is easy, it is no surprise, and honestly TPM will not change music history, but at least they make us sweat while we listen, and that is, nowadays, worth pure gold.

Taken from: La DefunciĆ³n (Translated by Benita Funke -thanks!)

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