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CB (Cyclone B): Evil
review by Marc Tater - Chain D.L.K

CB (Cyclone B): Evil

Artist: CB (Cyclone B) Title: Evil Format: CD
Label: Advoxya Records  Distributor: Poponaut

Maybe quite late, I nevertheless would like to reflect this last year latest album of Estonia’s leading Electro/Industrial act, since permanent readers of our site have surely discovered them on here. CB, as Igor and Rad have shortened their band name, have produced with "Evil" a quite complex and atmospheric more thicker outfit than expected. It has been taken nearly 3 years in the making after their last EP "Demolished", and this time was filled with some internal member problems too, to come back with this new album. "Evil" acts for the most part as a typical Dark Electro-minded album in the tradition of Canadian-based patterns like FLA or NUMB. Already the multiple layered intro tune "Sun" is a reflection of this tradition, which focuses lyrically and with the usage of voice-, noise- and environmental-samples on a drastically end time scenario. With "Place Of Nothingness" this duo also reanimates a tune already discovered on the above mentioned EP, here completely revamped. "Sect" may wins the imaginary contest of the most catchiest tune on here, while their beloved usage of vocoder effects on the lead vocals got reanimated with "Negative". No review without a word of criticism – quite often, and with "Restore Point" as being the negative highlight, their inserting of the lead vocals needs definitely some improvement and polishing work. The FX-driven music is that flawless and precise produced, but the vocals play a too important role in the whole mix, that this part seems to be the weakest of these Estonian duo. I would recommend them, not to allow their style of vocal performance alters the complete sound outfit. However the good moments win on this album, which is far away from any TBM- and Hellectro-attributes.

Review by: Marc Tater

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