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Honour Vs Falsehood - The first step EP
review by Vito Camarretta - Chain D.L.K

Alien Produkt: Honour Vs Falsehood - The first step EP

Artist: Alien Produkt Title: Honour Vs Falsehood - The first step EP
Format: CD EP Label: Advoxya Records

Someone argues that remix album are starving the music market out of its better crops, maybe as their quality is sometimes arguable, but listening to releases like the first (of 2) step by a crowded troop of djs and musicians remixing some of the most exquisite tracks by the Argentinean band Alien Produkt, which gained a considerable notoriety by proposing a powerful mix of harsch electronics combined with hyper-propelled corrosive rhythms reminding the style by Hocico and Suicide Commando by just two release on the American renowned label BLC, is going to refute this thesis by music market analysts, even if the one related to this genre is spreading its tentacles in such a fast way it’s not so easy to follow its development. Some of the remixes included in this collection are really well-forged, having successfully reached what seems to be the main aim of the so-called "remix art" (i.e. manipulating the original track giving its own personal imprint) by highlighting the creepy atmospheres saturated by noisy thunders and foggy sounds these wary chicos explored mainly on their album entitled Ignorance: even if some of them are not so impressive – if you already know some of the lads involved in this 14-tracks EP (more than 70 minutes long...), Mechanical Moth’s banal maquillage of Slander, Retractor’s treatment of electronic oscillating trumpets and hackneyed EBm sound processing on New Concentration Camps’ remix, Y-Luk-O’s drooling vocals on Dark Visions (it seems they hired the main character of Cronenberg’s The Fly to record it) and even the hitting horrified-industrial re-assembly of Slander by Obszön Geschöpf (one of the most famous name amidst this army of remixers) could disappoint your expectations, but Asptie’s beat-fury on Into The Abyss (that kind of stuff you’ll easily enjoy in a party crowded by face-powdered and toxic blood-like cosmetics people propelled by blood corrected by tomato juice and red Campari), Drained Scorn’s nice remix of Involution as well as some make-up arts on Oscilacion Parasita (in particular those by G-Pro and Sintetik – really a good work on vocals surgical dissection! –ones) and other noticeable head-banging bounces together with the title-track, Honour Vs Falsehood (classic but well-balanced lines adding nothing but a good-manner sample to EBM encyclopedia... ) act as counterweights for their quality. A Second Step – a promising rehabilitation center hiring some renowned sound-therapists such as Dolls Of Pain and Wynardtage- has already been announced and it’s going to be issued by the Hungarian label Advoxya Records – "thanksgive" them for this nice return by Alien Produkt... -. Embellish your headphones for this forthcoming step!

Review by: Vito Camarretta

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