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T.W.Z.: Serpent Column Portal
review by Marc Tater - Chain D.L.K

T.W.Z.: Serpent Column Portal

Artist: T.W.Z. Title: Serpent Column Portal
Format: CD Label: Advoxya Records
Distributor: Poponaut

The Swedish mystic Dark Electro-attack T.W.Z. strikes back after ist latest album "Evolution", also released by Advoxya Records 1,5 years before. In the meantime there have happened some massive internal problems with the band members and the upcoming stylistically direction of this project, so that nowadays only Richard K. Szabo is responsible for all music- and business-related decisions. Musically this has left some influence on the new tracks of T.W.Z. Dedicated to the well-known author and visionary Carl Sagan, who passed in 1996, and his "The Lost Civilization" theories, "Serpent Column Portal" offers several more breeding sweep sounds, orchestral layers and a sicker ominous mood than ever discovered before. As we know, T.W.Z. has a preference for high developed cultures like the Maya or Eschaton theories, which went down to transform those sagas and science into the present with a negative impact on mankind – also this album is filled with this mysterious and scientific content. Still arranged under a solid kick and snare work, the tracks itself are again straight-oriented and forward-moving, the often described hypnotic bass line programming remains to be the trademark to this project. What’s new is the integrated diversity in the usage of the main vocals. Richard’s extremely abrasive vocal performance got more often fx-penetrated than before, and stands no longer that obviously in the foreground of the mix, though that fx-usage does not completely convince ("Drown Them All" could be considered). Female co-vocals provided by SOLSKUGGA on three, and DEATH IN BERLIN on one track are standing for another development worth to mention. Also new is the concentration to offer more and more different snare- and hi-hat sounds, as well as the usage of a generally more low-fi oriented sound design – let’s assume, that VST-technique has helped globally on the whole mix.
As usual and as a repetitive procedure, albums of T.W.Z. aren’t at all a form of easy-listening and may need 3 – 4 spins more to find a satisfying consumption. Also as usual – this stuff is worth to invest the time.

Review by: Marc Tater

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