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Nexus VI interview
Interview by Ruud Dreessen aka ebm-industrial.nl

Thanks Neuromancer that you have found time to give answers to these questions,so tell me a bit more about yourself, such as musical?
Unfortunately,I haven't got any musical education.I began to master the creation of music in the end of 90es when computer programs for creating music became widely accessible.
Tell one secret about yourself or the band that you have never told to anyone?
Two years ago in summer we nearly lost our singer after we got drunk and had a serious quarrel
Would you like to fill in some biographical details of the finding of Nexus VI how and why did you come about starting Nexus VI?
I launched the project under the same name in 2000 and worked alone for some months,but then I realized that I wanted to work with people and that it has been selfish to name the project Neuromancer if there were another people working with me.In 2001 I invited the singer Nastja,with whom we made a song for the first album Decaying Society.Then I changed the name of the project to Nexus VI.

what else inspires you to create?
The first thing which inspires me is the fact that wen I finish working over a song,I know that I will listen to it with pleasure for a long time. Only then goes the wish to share the song with the society.
What are your top ten favorite EBM / Industrial Club Songs of all time?
I don't like to listen to music by listening to separate tracks.I always listen to the whole albums for I could embrace the concepts of them.I can tell you how my top chart looks like,but it contains more than 10 bands and not all of them play ebm.Tyske Ludder,Haujobb,Individual Totem,VAC,Blutengel,Orange Sector,Decoded Feedback,mulpHia, Truemmerwelten,Gridlock,Electro,Synthetic Rebellion.
Let's talk about your ELECTROLUST release where did the concept come from?
When I started to work on ELECTROLUST,I didn't think over it's concept.I wanted to make a dance-directed ebm-album with which you could rock the dancefloor.In the process of making the album got its name which doesn't mean anything exept the fact that it must quench the thirst of ebm-lovers.That's why the themes of the lyrics of the album are diverse: love,hate,cruelty,malice,life and death and,of course,post-apocalyptic cyberfuture of the humanity.
and whats planned now that your album is finished?
We recorded one more album Apocalypsis which will be released in autumn.Now we work on sound engineering.
upcoming shows or anything else you're working on?How is the current promotional tour going for supporting this album?
In Syberia where we live,and also in Russia on the whole,industrial scene is poorly developed.That's why we don't have many parties (literally few times a year).Promoters aren't much interested in industrial-dance-oriented concerts here in Russia.And yet such shows have just started to develop,more popular are darkwavegothic metal concerts.
Tell me aboit your labels artmusic-group
Frankly speaking I know just few about AMG label. Once it was quite a good label in Russia,with wide distribution network.Now they say it practically ceased to exist.Anyway,this autumn I'm releasing the new album on another label.
What are your views on the current state of the electro scene in Russia in terms of creativity and audiences? And the scene in other countries?
As I've already said,electro scene is just developing in Russia.there appear lots of bands,but still some of them are at the embryo stage.I think that in a few years the situation in Russia will improve and electrodance-oriented concerts will become more popular.Unfortunately,I don't know about the situation outside Russia.I hope it's not so sad there as it is in our country.
And EBM / Industrial which album would you say is your favorite album? Why?
Tyske Ludder “Sojuz”.I haven't heard anything greater than this one,exept probably a couple of latest albums of Haujobb.I don't know why,love is blind.
How did you come up with the name Nexus VI What is its meaning?
I took this name from my favourite movie Blade Runner.As it's written in press-release,Nexus VI is the type of brain....
Tell us a little bit more about Nexus VI 'What do you do in your spare time?
Nexus VI members communicate via Internet,we see each other only on rehearsals,or when record something or give concerts.I do major work alone.I have few free time,practically all the time after work I spend writing music or hanging out with my girlfrend.Sometimes I watch a good movie or go out with friends.
What do you think of its intermingling with the electro, Darkwave and EBM scenes?
I think that if in one city there are a lot of bands playing music of different types, there's no use in mixing them together. but if in one city there's one ebm-band and one darkwave-band, they will stage on concerts in that city together.
What other music do you listen to?
Firstly,I surely try to track new ebm arrivals.I'm interested in synthpop as well (it's great for sex),less interested in darkwave and other styles of dark scene.IDM, dark ambient or ethereal are good for a nighttime.I'm also very interested in russian dark scene of all sorts and try to trace it in all stylistic directions.
How long have you been in the music industry and how has it changed over time?
I entered the music industry in 2006, when thought I've gathered enough experience in music writing for me to make myself known.During that time in Russia there appeared a lot of promising young bands.With many of them we became friends.
Please let us know about your upcoming plans, some new releases you like to confirm here?
While there's material for the release of the upcoming album Apocalypse this autumn is being prepared,i started to gather the material for CD of remixes which I would like to release after the new album.I'd like this CD to include remixes from the last two albums Electrolust and Apocalypse/ Also I'd like release my first album Decaying Society which was written in the period of 2001-2006,uploaded to russian Internet portals and released nowhere.
tell us about your unique style of music and who are your major influences?
I don't think my style is unique,I do what I like. Probably uniqueness is added by female vocals in gothic metal style,mixed with ebm and dark electro.My music was influenced by bands listed in my top-10
Are you working on any current or future projects?
I don't have time for working on some other project,but if I had a good partner,I would have made a couple of projects in future pop/TBM and dark IDM styles. Probably some day it will come to life.
On question about influences and inspirations about Russia?
Oh yes.Russia is a very industrial country
It has been a pleasure to interview you on your musical activity,Well,any last words to your ebm-industrial fans?.
I'm glad there have appeared lots of our fans during the last 2 years/ I want to thank all people who like our music and promise I will make them glad from time to time by new releases from Nexus VI
and what is next on the the Russia agenda?
on the the Russia agenda there're lots of bands which will soon enter the world scene and let all world dark society know about Russia
thanks for your time! great work on the albums and good luck with everything.any closing remarks you'd like to say to the ebm-industrial.nl? Any famous last words for your fans that read this? Do you have any final words or requests? any last words for www.ebm-industrial.nl Last question Some final words to our readers to conclude this interview?
It was a pleasure to answer your questions. I'm very glad to get acquainted with you. want to wish all ebm-fans to buy true ebm products to support musicians and raise demand of such music and also visit concerts as the active dancefloor during the concert time is the best for musician!

neuromancer mailto: neuromancer@sibmail.com

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