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The Chemical Sweet Kid interview
Interview by Ruud Dreessen aka ebm-industrial.nl

1-For the first question will be - do you know the netherland?
Yes, of Course !! ;) But it's a very long time I haven't been there.
2-Do you follow the electronic music scene, do you have any other favourite bands?
Yes, but not as much as I should I also like a lot of bands bands like Cypress Hill,ICP,Korn,Marylin Manson,White Zombie,I've always been attracted by dark and violent music.
3-Greetings Julien could you please shortly introduce our readers your music project The Chemical Sweet Kid Please fill also a biographical resume about how,when and where...give us a more background information?
It begans two years ago, in January 2008, with a first live show in Metz, the place where I live, in a bar where I often had dj set.
Before, I used to make hardcore music that slowly turned into EBM, Electro dark with voice.That's why I decided to create this project, first for the stage.
4-How did you start to make Electronica / Industrial / Gothic and what is Electronica / Industrial / Gothic for you?
I started making electronic music at the end of 90's, first as a hardcore dj, under the name of dj Xanax, then about two years after, I started making my own music, hardcore music.Some of these tracks were released on vynil.Then, I went to a concert of Tamtrum (in the same bar I made my first live), and I think that this is the moment I decided to make Industrial / Gothic songs.I reelly appreciate the violence and darkness of the music, and their energic show.
5-What and who are some of your influences in Electronica / Industrial / Gothic ?
As you can guess, of course Tamtrum, but I also really like Suicide Commando and Agonoize, but a lot of other bands too in electronic, and non electronic music.
6-What are your top ten favorite Electronica / Industrial / Gothic Club Songs of all time? Who are you influenced by? What would you consider your favorite cd's?
With no order of preference
Suicide Commando : "Hellraiser"" (original track & Agonoize Remix)
Steinkind : "Deutschland Brennt"
Noisuf-X : "Hit Me Hard"
The Horrorist : "Flesh Is The Fever"
Combichrist : "Sent to Destroy"
Black Strobe : "A Chemical Sweet Girl"
Aesthetic Perfection : "The Great Depression"
Agonoize : "Korprolalie"
Tamtrum : "Zero Killed"
Front 242 : "Headhunter"
7-Do you have a favourite track and album?
There is so much bands, and so much music all over the world, that it's impossible for me to have only one favourite album, track, or band.
But two tracks I really like are coming to my mind : "Hellraiser" from Suicide Commando, and "Smack My Bitch Up" from The Prodigy
To me, these are two powerful and amazing songs.
8-So tell me a bit more about yourself, such as musical?
There is not a lot to say…..I don't really have a musician backgroun although I had a few music theory's lessons when I was young, but I was rally bad !!!! I've learnt  by myself, by practicing.I also did a short Sound Engineer study, in order to understand how does sound works, and to make it more clear, more powerful.
9-By the way do you like my questions? tell me what you think about it! ;-)
To be honest, I prefer when it's more interactive ;)
10-What is the main idea, the message you want to leave to people who listens to you? What is your motto?
There is not reallly a message, I just try to explain what I feel, to give my opinion, on some things and other.There is so much questions without any answer, and I try to share this in my lyrics.
11- What's the name of your band? What's the origin of that name? Have you changed the band's name before?
The name is "The Chemical Sweet Kid", but people often just say CSK.It comes from a song called " A Chemical Sweet Girl " from the french electronic artist "Black Strobe "I used to play this track a lot in my dj set !!!!!!
12-where did the concept come from? and whats planned now that your album is finished? or anything else you're working on? Tell us a few words about the concept of this?
Unfortunately, for the moment we don't have any album,  just a demo.But I'm still working on new tracks, and I hope a first album will be out this year ;)
13- 14-When's the new album coming out? 14-How is the current promotional tour going for supporting this album?
As I said, we're not supporting any album for the moment, but we try to have as many show as possible, first because I really like that, and also for people to know our music before releasing the first album.
15-What do you think of a modern Electronica / Industrial / Gothic and about Electronica / Industrial / Gothic scene?
I Think that this scene is too small and deserve to be bigger.Unfortunately there is too much band doing the same thing.To me, even if some really great album came out this year,  this scene is needing something new, musically speaking.
16- Our usual question - what is Electronica / Industrial / Gothic for you?

A kind of music I listen to and I try to make the best I can, taking almost 100% of my time
17-What was your best live experience so far?
Each live is a more or less good experience because I learn something each time.But, I really apprecciate the audience in North of France/belgium.
18-Please list the name, age, school, and respective instrument of each band member
Julien, 28 Trade/marketing school & Sound Engineer School : Everything
Coralie, 24, study comunication : Live Drums
20-you have very nice numbers..... tell me about lyrical compositions what you can tell about the done work? How does your music creation process work? How do you create a song?
It depends, sometimes it begins with a loop, sometimes with a melody, sometimes I have a few lyrics in my head and I try to write a song for it.So there is no really creation process who works each time as mathematics.It would be too easy !!!!
21- What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?
I don't really know, but it will be interesting to ask it to people who listen to it.But of course, it's electronic music
22-Since the music industry is more open now to purely electronic music has this made things easier for you?
Music industry is really open on things they can sell a lot, like club electro.Electro, industrial, gothic is not interessant for them in this way.
We don't touch enough people.
23-So what are their main influences as a band at the moment?
At the moment, I listen a lot of rock & metal
24-What is currently inspiring your material as an artist? tell me all about the Electronica / Industrial / Gothic scene of Frankrijk?
All kind of music, band I listen to, or I can hear on radio for example.In all kind of music, there is something interesting to take.
25-Do you think that people from the music press didn't expect you to grow up musically?
I don't think they care about us.And we probably  haven't finished growing up yet…..
26-what is the key to making music from The Chemical Sweet Kid and what inspires you to keep growing as a musician?
Dark and dancefloor melodies.Technically speaking, new hardware and software (VST's,…) can be a good source of inspiration too.
27-How do you see the future of download / Copyright in area of goth-Electronica / Industrial / Gothic music ? What are the best ways to develop it in your mind ?
For underground scene, it's a good thing.It can help us  growing up, to be known by people that will may come to our concert later.
What they probably won't do if they hadn't downloaded and discovered the music before.
28-If there was one thing you want people to know about your band what would that be?
We're more sweet than chemical !!!
29-Please let us know about your upcoming plans, some new releases you like to confirm here
My track " Tears of Blood " will appear on " Endzeit Bunkertracks act V " from the Belgium label Alfa-Matrix
30-It has been a pleasure to interview you on your musical activity,Well,any last words to your ebm-industrial fans?
Keep it dark !!!
31-and what is next on Frankrijk agenda?

26 Mars @ Messes Synthetiques (Marseille)
32-thanks for your time! great work on the albums and good luck with everything.any How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?
They can access on our myspace : www.myspace.com/chemicalsweetkid In the blog section, they can see how to buy merchandising : T-shirt & cd-demo
33-Were you asked to play or did you have to ask for a slot?
Both. At the beginning, I was asking a lot, and now I would say it's about 50/50.

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