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Larva interview

Hi InqUesT, we are happy to get the chance to ask you a few questions For the first question will be Thanks InqUesT that you have found time to give answers to these questions,How are you doing?
Hi!  Thanks for your interest in our work. Now we are preparing our second Mex/USA tour, that will be on a few weeks.
Hello InqUesT what noise do you make in Larva?
Well, I’m the main part of Larva. I write and compose all the songs, and created the Larva concept. The other members, help me with sampling, live drumming, and some song mastering.
How's the start of 2010 been for you thus far?
This year is being great for us.  ‘Entre agujas’ remix EP was launched a few weeks ago. Now we will start the USA/Mex tour, and at the end of this summer, we will launch our next CD ‘Broken hopes of a wasted youth’.
do you know the netherland?
Personally, i never have been there.Seems a beautiful country…  but we only know things that appears on the media…Hope, someday we will go there  ;)
For a lot of people, this is probably going to be their first full introduction to Larva so how about you tell us a little bit about how you guys know each other and how the band came together?
Blackend and I formed the band ‘Morbid Mind’ on 1998.At this time, we wanted to experiment with a ton of new sounds, new hardware, and a lot of youth dark actitude and ideas.On this period, we didn’t think about publish any work; we only want to do the things that makes us happy.In 2003 and in solitary I changed the name to ‘Larva’ After some songs, and some live shows, in 2006 M.L. and Anoxia(now my wife) joins the band, to live drumming, live keyboards, and mixing/mastering.We meet on some scene-clubs here in Barcelona.Then arrives our first record contract  (with Komblok Records, in USA), and our first CD published: ‘Diogenes Syndrome’ ollowed with a bunch of live shows around Spain and some out of this country.The next year comes with our second CD ‘Autosectarimo’, self-published; due to the dead of Komblok Records.On 2008 Larva signs with Advoxya Records for the release of our third Cd ‘Voces del laberinto’.More life shows, and promotion follow…The two last members join us as a live drummers (Crowley and Fer.) The hated’ comes out, under Advoxya Records, in 2009; our fourth CD.Followed by our first USA/Mexican Tour;  ‘The hated TOUR’. The 2010 begins with the launch of ‘Entre agujas’ by Advoxya Records.A remix EP with 14 Larva tracks remixed by great bands.
Do you follow the electronic music Electro / Gothic, do you have any other favourite bands?
Yes, since my childhood.I’m a great follower of the bands from the 80 and 90’s.From the 90’s goth rock, or the 90’s dark electro to the 80’s tecnopop or EBM (now named ‘old school’) Favorite bands (to name a few):  Placebo Effect, yelworC, Skinny Puppy, Secret Discovery, etc
How is your relationship with other electronic bands?
Well, we have some friends that are in other  bands (Axel M.from Breathe/Placebo Effect, Carlos and Abel from Asseptic Room,to name a few).We always have a good relationship with interesting/true people in general.I like their work, and I have a lot of respect to they.And always is interesting to do a remix, or to be remixed by they .
When did you form Larva? What inspired you to make music together?
Making music, is one of these things in life, that make us really happy.We need to explain our ideas. To exteriorize our point of view.It’s like a therapy for us.We couldn’t live without making music.
What are your top ten favorite Electro / Gothic Club Songs of all time? Who are you influenced by?
Mmmm, it’s too difficult to think about a song, with tons on my head.  ;)
1.-  Placebo Effect – ‘Agony of mind’
2.-  Skinny Puppy – ‘Smothered hope’
3.-  Secret Discovery – ‘Evil feeling’
4.-  Last Delay – ‘Dream delay’
5.-  The Chameleons – ‘Second skin’
6.-  Leaether Strip – ‘I am your conscience’
7.-  Kalte Farben – ‘Innocents’
8.-  Pierrepoint – ‘Kim’
9.-  yelworC ‘Get vomit’
10.- Suicide Commando ‘Traumatize’
entre agusjas (2010),the hated (2009),voces del laberinto (2008),autosectarism(2006),diogenes syndrome (2005) what would you consider your favorite cd's?
Every Cd is a piece of me.I don’t have a favorite.But each one, wake up different feelings on me(but do not often hear them).
What are the future plans for Larva?
Continue, doing the things we love.In the near future we are concentrating on the Tour, and the launch of ‘Broken hopes of a wasted youth’
What is the main idea, the message you want to leave to people who listens to you? What is your motto?
There is not a single message in itself, is a multi-message.Every one that listen  each CD will think for itself.And will arrive to their own conclusions.Is an individualist meaning.From inner feelings, to politic ideas...
What’s the name of your band? where did the name come from? or what's the story behind the band name?
The name become for what we feel sometimes.
Sometimes we feel like a worm, underground, crawling…
Nobody can see us, nobody can feel us.
All the life are on surface, and we are underground.
This feeling of not belong to a group, of individualism.
If people don't know what you and your music are about, how would you describe Larva?
Larva is the feeling that ever will be there. Awaiting for you.Noise, darkness, solitude, anger, pain, melancholy, sadness.All of this composes the meaning of Larva.Leaves no one indifferent.
next double CD 'Broken hopes of a wasted youth' where did the concept come from? and whats planned now that your album is finished? or anything else you're working on? Tell me why this title,'Broken hopes of a wasted youth' Tell us a few words about the concept of this?
I suppose that album will be finished at the end of the summer.‘Broken hopes of a wasted youth’ is a concept album.Talks about the time when we left the childhood and became adults.When you left your innocence and became impure.When your idea of the world you live, changes; from a protection feeling to a cold and hard place.Somedy When you know what people are able to.Somebody said: Your childhood is over when you know you will die.
How is your relationship with the fans like? Is it nice to meet fans or have you also problems with intrusive hysterical female and male admirers?
For us is always interesting to know people that like our work and support us.
How do you feel to hold the finished cd in your hands?
Is a feeling that doesn’t change with time.It’s like your baby hold in your arms.Ever a good feeling.But after that moment, I do not often hear them; because I’m a sick perfectionist, and ever find a bunch of things that I could did it better.
How is the current promotional tour going for supporting this album?
Great! Visiting Mexico for us, is ever a great thing.People there is always very dedicated.The crowd there is amazing!
What do you think of a modern Gothic and about Electro / Gothic scene?
Well, in our country the scene is bigger than ever  (more clubs, more bands, more people in general).But the people’s interest in music is lower than the past years.I think that people today is more focused in clubbing/partying  than in music or other cultural activities in this scene.In general (out of Spain) I think that the scene becomes bigger than ever.Every day a new band starts(not necessary interesting).But it is only a matter of taste, it is best to have more to choose.
What's your favourite track of yours?
Oh, this changes in time…Now ‘Cuando pierdes lo que más quieres’.A song from the new album, dedicated to an old friend of mine that passed away three months ago.
What and who gets you excited about music today?
A lot of bands and people.A great classics, and new bands with good ideas.Music that makes you feel.
Our usual question - what is music for you?
All.It’s part of me.The music is an inseparable part of my life.
What was your best live experience so far?
Each is special.But the Mexican crowd are amazing.They got feeling with the performance, and makes you fly.They are amazing!
What are your views on the current state of this Electro / Gothic scene in Spain.in terms of creativity and audiences? And the scene in other countries?
We need more attendance for the live shows in Spain.There are a lot of people, but most of them only go clubbing.We need to support the promoters, and the bands.But what happening today is better than years ago.I think that the local promoter (in any country) has to be more open minded.To count with new bands/performers.
you have very nice numbers` tell me about lyrical compositions what you can tell about the done work? How does your music creation process work? How do you create a song?
Thank you ;) The creation process in Larva is very anarchic.Sometimes a song starts with the lyrics.Sometimes from a noise.Sometimes from a rhythm.It’s ever changing.So we are not tied to a single software platform.We work with hardware and software, and with different sequencers.
What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?
I think that the best genre that we fit in, is the generic ‘Dark electro’.Our mainly influence is our own life.All the Larva songs comes from a part of own experiences in life.Our musical influences are practically all the sub-styles inside this scene (and some outside)
Since the music industry is more open now to purely electronic music has this made things easier for you?
Well, the true advance for us was Internet.The net made it better the communication between the record label and us.Made better the promotion, and some other things.(The negative part is the illegal downloads, etc) Of course, now the people is more open minded about electronic music than years ago.I think that today, people don’t care about what do you use to make music; a guitar or a keyboard.So
what are their main influences as a band at the moment?
See the 10 songs above  ;)
Do you think that people from the music press didn't expect you to grow up musically?
I don’t care about music opinion of the music press.
what is the key to making music from Larva and what inspires you to keep growing as a musician?
The pleasure to do, that we do.And the need to make music.Is a therapy for us.We grow like everyone else. And things change with age.
You learn, you see things differently. I guess all this are reflected in our music.
How do you see the future of download / Copyright in area of goth-Electro / Gothic music ? What are the best ways to develop it in your mind ?
I think that in the medium term, will run a mixed system of download and shopping.The small labels, i suppose that will go to the ‘pay to download’ system(to lower the production costs), and the big ones will stay like today.In the future, I can’t see a great evolution of the copyright system.We will see…
If there was one thing you want people to know about your band what would that be?
Go and listen us!  J
Please let us know about your upcoming plans, some new releases you like to confirm here
We are concentrating in our next USA/Mex tour and our next CD ‘Broken hopes of a wasted youth’
It has been a pleasure to interview you on your musical activity,Well,any last words to your ebm-industrial fans?
Thanks for all. And continue supporting the scene!
and what is next on Spain agenda?
In our agenda, the next, is this weekeng, out participation on Dark Entries Open Air in Russia.
How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD???
In our Myspace they can check our songs www.myspace.com/larvasp or in our webpage And buy the Cd if they want.
How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?
I think, that in the beginning, we were more abrasive, more noise based; and more simplistic structural songs.Today our songs are more complex, and melodic.
How is the new line-up working out?
Great. We have a great energy together, and work well like a team.
And, finally, what does the next twelve months hold for the band?
Very exciting. The tour promise to be very fun, and we are very excited about our next double CD.
By the way do you like my questions? tell me what you think about it! ;-)??
Good, a little big interview . ;) It’s a please for us to ask.
Any last words? Thanks alot for your answers! We wish you furthermore great success and a lot of fun with your live-shows
Thanks for this opportunity, and for support us.See you soon, on any live show!

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