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FirstBlackPope - Spiritual Spiral
review from electro-industrial portal SIDE-LINE - in english

FirstBlackPope is an Italian dark electro combo that gained some modest reputation throughout a few noticeable sampler contributions, remixes (for bands like Helalyn Flowers, Unter Null ao) or even being the support act during the Unter Null tour. They also released a few number of EP's, but this debut CD on Advoxya Records will probably increase their popularity outside Italy.
Together with other new signings on Advoxya, like Sadiztik Injektion and Ativehate, this band is another noticeable and promising newcomer. FirstBlackPope doesn't innovate new tricks or music styles, but moves on the path of well-crafted dark electronics. The opening cut "Mystical Trance Experience" sounds like clearly evoking the sound of Wumpscut. This is a great starter followed by several cool songs. "S/M God" coming up reveals a good-old fetish theme from the electro scene, but is a damn efficient dark electronic song as well. On "Motherdeath" I get the impression that FirstBlackPope get back to the more complex electronic style of Mortal Constraint. The very powerful "Random Suicide" is again a pretty cool song, which here might remind you of The Retrosic. A similar touch à la Retrosic is also emerging from the "Red Flowers"-track. In a more experimental vein "Spiritual/Spiral" appears to be a well-crafted piece of music with some ambient atmosphere on top. The very speed-like "Lisergic Devotion (Full-On Mix)" is a merciless assault of fast electronics. The very last song is the "Cross Up Your Ass Mix" of "Abuse", which brings a more melodic approach while the song remains however hard-banging!
No doubt about it "Spiritual Spiral" is a well-conceived and well-written album in its genre! This is the kind of band the scene urgently needs to clone!


Band: www.firstblackpope.com / www.myspace.com/firstblackpope
Label: www.myspace.com/advoxya

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