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Aktivehate - In Terrorem
review from electro-industrial portal SIDE-LINE - in english

Over the last few year's we have already heard a few cool dark electro bands hailing from Portugal. ESC is for sure the main leading force in the genre, but I remember the very promising Control Alt Deus as another great surprise. Advoxya Records has now signed Aktivehate and believe me, this is for sure another revelation in the genre. Set up by ISK, a musician who has already gained some experience in other projects like PsychotekTrauma, VexXxeR, Anxiety Disorder and Lokomotiv. I have to admit that I never heard of all these projects before, but Aktivehate is definitely a name I'll keep easily in mind. "In Terrorem" features a 'good cliché', but as I'm used to saying, better a strong cliché than a worse experimental band. More than once the songs remind me of Hocico without the typical horror-like atmospheres hanging over the songs of the Mexicans. You already understood that Aktivehate deals with the good-old dark electronic style. Heavy distorted and enraged vocal parts merged with powerful dark electronics are the main ingredients of this album. Most of the songs are powerful and merciless. There's no real place for breaks and/or softer moments here. It all moves straight one and coming to a real climax on "Diseased", which appears to be the absolute force from this release. Among the other essential songs, I'll recommend "My Own God", "FU", "Phantom", "Play The Game" and "Bipolar". The last song is a heavy remix of "Play The Game" by the French project The Twilight Freakshow, which brings this CD to a good end!
This is yet another excellent newcomer on the Advoxya roster!


Band: www.aktivehate.com / www.myspace.com/aktivehate

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