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Impact Pulse - Remix Modules
review from electro-industrial portal SIDE-LINE - in english

Hungarian combo Impact Pulse strikes back with an EP looking back on songs from their 2 previous albums and 2 new songs as well. The new songs "Blade" and "The End" are both at the debut of the EP. Both songs reveal an interesting and powerful progression in sound. "Blade" reminds me a bit of the EBM-dynamics of Dance Or Die while "The End" comes closer to some Frontline Assembly influences with a tiny pop touch on top. There's no doubt about it, both new songs announce great new work from this band. We next get a selection of 14 remixes and some of them have been realized by interesting names like Blank, Massiv In Mensch, Disharmony and label mates like Nexus VI, Schyzzo.Com, Deadjump and a few other bands for the ride. Globally speaking the remixes are pretty enjoyable, but we always have our preferences. First Aid 4 Soul (another Hungarian band) made a terrific remix of "I Want You". The technoid touch and filtered bleeps are driving this song into pure dancefloor stuff. A few more noticeable remixes have been realized by Massiv In Mensch (bringing a straight forward and dark electronic influenced remix of "Till We Die"), Deadjump (with a good remix of "Hate") and Schyzzo.com (with another technoid-minded remix of "I Want You"). Another remix I want to mention is the one of Hate" by Niteshift, which comes closer to the spirit of Frontline Assembly as well. "Remix Module's" is a pretty fair and sometimes exciting EP with a nice twist between two cool new songs and several noticeable remixes!


Band: http://www.impactpulse.hu / http://www.myspace.com/impactpulse

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