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Larva - Entre Agujas
review from electro-industrial portal SIDE-LINE - in english

Hailing from one of the most sunny countries of Europe, Larva is also one of the coldest bands on Advoxya Records. After their full length albums on Advoxya they now come back with an EP of 14 songs. The Spanish combo has been remixed by bands like Deadjump, Asspetic Room, De_Tot_Cor, Xperiment, Morbid Mind, A Industrya ao. You will for sure have noticed that Larva didn't ask the most famous names to be remixers, but I've always liked the idea to see a band working with less famous names instead of band they really appreciate for their work. You don't hear me say that the remixes are all great, but I heard several good songs. Larva took care of the first remix, which is a pretty cold and sterile sounding remix of "Ojos Secos"Morbid Mind coming up did a quite acceptable job on "Madre". One of the best pieces comes from Deadjump, which is doing real great remix work for the moment. The remix of "The Hated" is a pure 'endzeit'-terror version of "The Hated". F.Y.L. did another remix of "The Hated" and we here get the absolute number one remix from the list. This is a terrific and merciless cut of cold, cutting electronics. Asseptic Room brings a next remix to watch out for. They've remixed "Rotten Disease" in a quite Klinik-al way. Say Just Words is the last band I'll mention for their remix of "Massgrave". Generally speaking I mostly prefer the original songs and albums from a band, but this EP exposes Larva to the ideas and skills of other bands mainly active in the dark electronic corner. The result is a quite honest EP with enraged vocals, haunting atmospheres and banging rhythms and icy electronics!


Band: http://www.larvas.netww.myspace.com/larvasp

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