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Instans - Nuke Fight/Leading The Way
review from electro-industrial portal SIDE-LINE - in english

Instans is a brand-new project set up in Sweden by the members of Severe Illusion. There where Severe Illusion comes closer to pure EBM, Instans turns more unto dark electronic fields. What I can't understand is the poorly quality of the studio production. The sound appears to be very compressed. It all sounds like a bad demo, which can't be admitted from musicians being already active for years now. Another point that hurts is that the songs properly speaking don't really leave me a good impression. I'm here referring to both title songs opening the EP. The most bizarre thing is that we get 9 remixes and none of them really improved the original tracks. Bands like FIFOTH, Arzt+Pfusch, Mergel Kratzer, Pain Machinery, TWZ or yet Severe Illusion contributed to this remix section, but except a quite acceptable remix of Severe Illusion the other bands seem to have been less inspired. Let's get back to the original songs and admit that "Leading The Way" features a nice cold tune while "Nuke Fight" might appeal for some Klinik fans. This EP is probably a kind of teaser for the upcoming album, which I hope will be more promising the poorly inspired remixers at work here!


Band: www.myspace.com/instans

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