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Nexus VI - Apocalypse
review from electro-industrial portal SIDE-LINE - in english

Hailing from Tomsk Tomsk, which is the center of industrial culture in Western Siberia (Russia) Nexus VI is one of the newest signings on Advoxya Records. After a self-released album and another one on the rather unknown Art Music Group label (Russia) "Apocalypse" will for sure lead this band to conquer other countries and dancefloors. One of the main characteristics of Nexus VI is the kind of duality in the vocals. Main member Neuromancer sings a harsh way while the female vocalist brings a kind of opera-styled vocals. Musically, the songs are in the dark EBM vein. The female vocals aren't present on all songs and that's a good choice. This way it brings some diversity and originality in the vocal lines. Cynaic (female singer) becomes the lead singer on the pretty efficient "City Of Winds" evoking some vague Qntal memories (in the way of singing). One of the most efficient songs with this female vocalist appears to be "Made Of Fear". The opera-style here fits totally to the dark electronics. Musical wise Nexus VI likes to explore the dark electronic side reinforced with some EBM elements. The sound is powerful and efficient on a song like "Dr. Evil" while "Face To Face" is for sure the absolute master track. A fast forward beat comes together with a dark EBM texture and a cool tune. The male and female vocals are in perfect harmony as well, which simply resulted in an album highlight. It also reveals the potential of this band. We also get a number of remixes. The remix of "Made Of Fear" by Virgin Fix is a noticeable piece for the trance touch that has been added. Nexus VI isn't for sure a big name in the scene, but this album will serve as an enjoyable introduction.


Band: www.myspace.com/nexusvirus

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