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The Pain Machinery - Urban Survival
review from electro-industrial portal SIDE-LINE - in english

The Pain Machinery strikes back dropping their 4th full length into our disc player. This band has always been quite EBM-inspired and the main sound on "Urban Survival" proves it. "Paranoise" opens this new opus and moves into dark electronic explorations with Jared Louche (Chemlab) as a guest vocalist. The Chemlab frontman also sung on 2 more song, "I Am Night" being a pretty cool cut driven with a typical EBM bass line and some guitars on top. The guitar were played by Marc Plastic (Plastic Heroes) who did some guest appearance on 2 songs together with Jared Louche. Speaking of EBM, songs like "Fearless" and "Traitor" both are very credible songs influenced by good-old EBM elements. I like the progression in song structure running through both cuts while I was impressed by the energetic rhythmic. A few more cool EBM-inspired songs are "React" with again great percussion work and Total Recall" reminding me a bit to Frontline Assembly. Another possible link with Frontline Assembly can be heard on "Weekend Warrior". This song was pushed forward by real nice sequences. "Urban Survival" is an album without real surprises, but a very honest and enjoyable production if you like diversified EBM.

(Tor Cleenics:7)Tor Cleenics.

Band: www.thepainmachinery.com / www.myspace.com/thepainmachinery

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