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Total Pain Kollapz - Survive The Everyday
review from electro-industrial portal SIDE-LINE - in english

We here get the 2nd CD from Total Pain Kollapz. After the disappointing debut album "Hell Is Not Heaven" released in 2007 on Hypervoxx Recordings this Swedish project set up by Tony Pettersson has now joined the more attractive and influential Advoxya Records. I was rather surprised to see Advoxya taking this band under their wings as the new album doesn't exactly show much progression in sound or production. The songs are electronic and dark-minded driven through some linear rhythmic. The vocals were sung a rather spooky style, which is probably one of the best elements of the album. The point is that all the songs are quite similar, which in the long run starts to get really monotone. I think it's not a coincidence that the more soundtrack-like sounding "Scum" is one of the single pieces that awakened my curiosity. The more elaborated "March Of The Dead - Fishstick Happy Pill Mix" is the real single light in the darkness. This version should show Total Pain Kollapz how to go on. Among the numerous, new releases on Advoxya this year this is for sure one of the worst. There's not a lot of creativity or efficiency on this album!


Band: www.myspace.com/totalpainkollapz

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