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Wavefall - EP-Tronics
review from electro-industrial portal SIDE-LINE - in english

After the albums "Huge Frustration" and "Heartstarter" both released on Advoxya Records, Wavefall now strikes back with an EP of 16 tracks. It's a way to bring both previous albums a bit back to life by way of remixes. We here get 16 remixes carefully executed by a few familiar bands, totally unknown formations and other mixes by the band itself. Despite of the bad mixing of some tracks (which especially hurts at the very beginning of the release) we get a nice cocktail of seductive tracks. The more technoid "Wolrd Mix" of "Dedication" and the "Invalid Love Club Remix" of "Tuty F. Fruity are both noticeable cuts in the first part of the album. A real first smasher is "Speed Mix" of "Collider". We here again (re)discover the technoid approach of Wavefall built up with a remarkable bass line and cool samplings. In a darker and more melodious approach comes the remix of "What Is True Love" by Nexus VI, which clearly put their stamp on this song. Deadjump also did a good job on the remix of "Tribal Body". The absolute jewel from the list comes at the end with the terrific "Streem Mix" of "Fantasia", which reminds me a bit to Dance Or Die. The "Skazka Remix" of "On My Knees" is the last remix from the EP and here again I discovered a very efficient and powerful track. Wavefall released a pleasant EP with some excellent own mixes and other noticeable remixes.

(Tor Cleenics:6/7)Tor Cleenics.

Band: www.wavefall-music.com

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