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WAVEFALL - E.P. Tronics
review by Marc Tater (Chain D.L.K)

I must admit that at times Alzheimer has taken part of me, as I nearly 'forgot' to review this latest EP oof Russia's leading Harsh Electro/Industrial project (Thank you, Slava!). Let's hope, that all responsible people behind artist and label can forgive my slowness. WAVEFALL have collected their own received foreign remix works to establish this new EP, which comes out in this often mentioned unique plastic cases, for which Advoxya Records is known for. Original tracks taken out of both of the projects' last two albums got included, which all got given trustful in the hands of some friends and label colleagues before, to prepare new and own interpretations. The result is generally satisfying, but mostly due to the fact, that WAVEFALL themselves have produced some alternative versions to one or another of their tracks ('Dedication', 'The Shadow', or 'Collider', just to name examples). Regarding the remix works by foreign bands, you can discover a lot of up and coming artists out of the Russian scene. Band projects like SALUSA SECUNDUS, INVALID LOVE, the Techno-Industrial project ID MOLOTOV, REQUIEM FOR FM, or the later to Advoxya signed new Dark Electro-hope NEXUS VI have all found a free slot with their remix contributions. Asides the remix of WAVEFALL's own side-project SKAZKA, the works of their label mates like THE-PULSAR and the Brazilian project DEAD JUMP can be named as being the best and outstanding interpretations here. Mostly this kind of compilation is pretty well suited to execute the dancefloors of the dark clubs, although this EP doesn't definitely not reach the same top-notch quality of an original produced work of WAVEFALL. It may belongs to the fact, that many artists provide a multiple sound outfit full of diversity, that's welcomed, but to reach a real floating unit in kind of a full-length album is hardly recognizable here. Rather stuff to fill the collection and to listen nearer to some or another talent hailing out of Russia's uncontrollable growing scene. Let's hope for a new original recording, because it seems a bit, that WAVEFALL try to bridge the required time to end the production for their hopefully soon to be released next album.

Review by: Marc Tater

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