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Stahlnebel + Black Selket - Memories
review by Marc Tater (Chain D.L.K)

Two band-projects hailing out of Germany and The Netherlands, which have been united due to friendship, mutual interests and stronger forces regarding production and live performances. The united project STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET is musically part of these new 'distortion kidz' from block, one of these up and coming new Harsh EBM/Hellectro-projects, which can rely on a strong fan-base and its support.
Mainly based and active at the German Ruhr-area with cities like Bochum, Cologne, Düsseldorf and its well-known dark clubs, they especially could make themselves a quite good name as being a powerful live performing project and well suited remixers. As for an example, the newest SUICIDE COMMANDO release 'Death Cures All Pain' features a remix contribution by this trio. After two own releases under this mutual moniker, they now present us with 'Memories' their first outlet signed to their new label, the Hungarian Advoxya Records label. 'Memories' and its 40 minutes long content therefore acts like an ideal appetizer to proclaim the new full-length album 'Blood And Passion', which will be out via Advoxya Records, while I am writing this review. Asides the title track in its original version and with both remix contributions provided by :A7IE: (clever idea, to leave out the overused 'attack ships on fire' voice-sample...) and THE TWILLIGHT FREAKSHOW, STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET are rewarding their devoted fans with 'Black Treath' (no typo!), which is an unreleased and exclusive b-side-track. This tune pushes the pace in higher regions compared to the title track. Additional remix contributions for the tracks 'Staatssicherheit' and 'Angels & Demons' (by the Turkey-based SADIZTIK:INJEKTION, offering an unusual kind of delay/reverb-fx widely installed, but with a damaging effect into the stereo-field...) provided by lesser recognized projects (ELECTROVOT, VISION ANOMALY) accompanying this first release on Advoxya after 40 minutes. STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET have produced a promising teaser release for their album, although they definitely haven't cooked the best Harsh EBM/Hellectro-dinner around. It can be clever to hold back the best weapons for their album, since they already promised, that it will offer all of their 'Blood And Passion'...

Review by: Marc Tater

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