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Sadiztik Injektion - Global Genocide
review by Marc Tater (Chain D.L.K)

Turkey hasn't been so far that place, where to hunt for the freshest, international operating Electro/Industrial artists, although this one-man project, established by Samet Ozgur, can already look back on some years into the Harsh EBM genre. Samet made his most well-known compilation appearance on 'Noise Terror Vol. 2' so far, released by Dependent in collaboration with their side-label NTP, which got founded by Johan van Roy of SUICIDE COMMANDO. So at some point, Johan has been responsible to introduce Samet to a wider audience. 'Global Genocide' in its kind, and in its cover art, is simply that kind of an album, you would have expected: a highly danceable work featuring a straight 4/4-on-the-floor-attitude, rough and distorted vocals with lyrics proclaiming another end-of-mankind-drama, cool sounding scream- and cyber-war-like samples, and Techno-/Industrial-inspired synth sequences and bass lines. So far so good, I can certificate Samet a good talent to service the right drug for all dancefloor junkies out there in the international based dark clubs. Tracks like 'Mechanical World's Chaos', 'Realize The Suicide', or 'Cyber Terror' are hot enough produced, to cause an ultimate stomp-feast. But what 'Global Genocide' definitely misses, is an own and unique outfit, a problem, which most releases nowadays are suffering of. Samet falls a bit too often into repetition of his chosen sounds and rhythm elements, and he also doesn't allow one or another of his tunes to break with its straight and harsh attitudes. A bit more courage to try something different, something, what could add more personality into his tunes would help. A good addition for all the still hungry distortion-kidz for sure, but in no way stuff to discover, if you're longing for a more demanding experience under a pair of headphones for example.

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