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Sadistik Injection - Global Genocide
review by electrowelt.com

In Turkey, there is not just folklore and belly dancing, it has an active industrial scene full of potential... Sadistik Injection is a project of the Turkish musician Samet Özgür, which is able to compete with bands like Suicide Commando.

Samet has just finished working on his new album “Global Genocide”.
All of the 10 songs on the CD are well-suited for clubs.

Interesting sounds and distorted vocals dominate the album.
Overall, the album gives the impression of an impending apocalypse.
Issues such as anger, aggression, slavery, and more are processed here.

I personally like it when some musical special effects are processed, something that Samet has achieved here quite well and you feel somehow transferred to another world.
My favorites on the CD "Global Genocide" are: "Mechanical World Chaos" and "Beta Version World". These two songs are definitely made for clubs.
In well-designed booklet you will find all the lyrics as well as greetings to friends and acquaintances.

Working on the album has already started in 2007 but in 2010 the album was released by Advoxya.


1. Mechanical Worlds Chaos
2. Cyber Terror
3. Violence Emrace
4. Ultimate Torment
5. Realize The Suicide
6. Parasite
7. Global Genocide
8. Near Apocalypse
9. Conspiracy
10. Beta Version World (reprise)

"Global Genocide" is definitely worth a purchase.

Rating: 8/10

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