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Aktive Hate - In Terrorem
review by electrowelt.com

Dirty, dark, and vicious. Hurtful, sorrowful and hateful.
aktivehate spawned from the mind of ISK (also driving force behind PsychotekTrauma, VexXxeR, Anxiety Disorder and Lokomotiv) early 2007, under the moniker Aktiv[e|h]ate, as a portraial of all the hateful, violent, insane, sexually deviant thoughts that populated it. Starting as a rather generic harsh/dark electro band, the band laid dormant for more than one year, working towards defining a good clear sound and identity and in 2009 finally started playing live with it's live debut as opener act for german band Stereomotion in OPorto. aktivehate released two free EPs during 2009 through portuguese netlabel Enough Records (check discography section for downloads) and continued playing live with many bands, some of which big names in the genre. aktivehate has played with Lokomotiv, Lith, U.M.M., Control Alt Deus, Sci-Fi Industries, Waste Disposal Machine, Sektor 304, Eden Synthetic Corps, Stereomotion, Alien Vampires and S.A.M..

Just before the release of second ep "Washed in Blood", the band then changed it’s name into less confusing “aktivehate”. In the last months of 2009 aktivehate signed a deal with Hungarian label Advoxya Records to release it's debut album, "In Terrorem", which came out in June 2010. The band is now busy writing new songs for upcoming release and rehearsing it's new line-up for future concerts.

Raw voices and 15 Tracks of extreme melodic and harsh sounds is a Trademark of "Active Hate". The 2010 release "In terrorem" is a big step forward in the history of this Band. The complete album sounds like a Soundtrack of an Horror Movie.

Deep guitars combined with soft string lines and a voice that is freezing blood forced me to listen this album in maximum range of my hi-fi system. I´m really impressed by the sound quality, it´s hard to find bands produce in this range of high quality.

Most bands have more than thin sounds and using the same sounds Track by Track. "In terrorem" is different, cause every Track has his own soul and this soul is more than dark! All I can tell you, that this is a straight tip: BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

01 - My Own God
02 - F.U.
03 - Sore Eyes
04 - Knee Deep
05 - Mixed Feelings
06 - Diseased
07 - Phantom
08 - 00h00
09 - Sacramentum
10 - Play the Game
11 - Handful of Nothing
12 - Trigger Happy
13 - Chemicals
14 - Bipolar
15 - Play the Game (Twilight Freakshow monster and servant remix)

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