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Larva - Entre Agujas
interview by movinghands.net

Advoxya is an interesting Hungarian label with acts from all over the world and they are also the home for Swedish acts Severe Illusion and The Pain Machinery to name a few. While specializing in electro industrial music, Spanish Larva has surely found their home for creating music. Their latest real album "The Hated" from 2009 is a dark chapter in electronic music. Distorted voices, horror samples and a rather slow tempo that all adds up to a really terrifying listening experience. Walking home at night with "The Hated" in your headphones you will definitely get the feeling of being followed. "Entre Agujas" is a remix album where almost all songs are taken from "The Hated" and the remixes mostly come from other Spanish artists.

So how do you pass judgement on a remix album? A general feeling is that the BPM level is higher compared to the original songs, probably an attempt to fit the songs to the dance floors which of course is good for the purpose of marketing yourself. The songs are still very haunting even with a more danceable touch to them but I still enjoy more listening to the original songs on "The Hated". They made a pretty good job in differentiating the remixes making the songs not sounding too alike but with four remixes on "Massgrave" it can be a bit rough listening through all remixes after another. The remix that sticks out the most is "The Hated (Acid mix by F.Y.L.) which replaces Larva's haunting atmosphere with mind blowing acid trance. I actually don't have anything bad to say about this release except for the concept of remix albums. If you have never heard Larva before and like the description above I suggest you buy "The Hated" which is a really good album. The reviewed album is for DJ:s and everybody that eagerly awaits the next real release.

/Thobias Wollhed

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