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Stahlnebel & Black Selket interview
interview by cyber-angels.nl

Hello Guys, Thanks for allowing us to interview you again, How are things?

Sander: Things are going good. And last year was a progressive year with a lot of music.

[Ralph]:  Hello again, with STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET all runs very well in these days, new album BLOOD AND PASSION is released via ADVOXYA and the reactions to it from audience & magazines are very amazing. So with this tailwind its very good to be creative.

The band is still called Stahlnebel and Black Selket, can we consider Black Selket to be a permanent bandmember, what is his role these days for the band?

Sander: I am still using my own name but that’s not the meaning of this team work. It looks also very good and it makes our band to one name. We both like our names so we keep that.

[Ralph]:  Yeah … I agree with Sander, we both have our own past with our names and so it seems to be a normal way for us to use both names for our project together, and btw … it sounds much different to other names.

You have released your debut album, what happened after that?

Sander: After our album Lifeless many things changed. We have worked a lot with many bands and received so many remixes. Its great that bands still do this and we love to work with other bands to keep this music alive.

[Ralph]:  So much things changed since we released our self released “debut” UNEXPECTED, for me this album is really far away in the past, ha ha … because since UNEXPECTED we create so many new songs and “touched by STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET” songs for projects like SUICIDE COMMANDO, STATE OF THE UNION, DULCE LIQUIDO or KRIMINAL MINDS.  Time runs fast and after our self released EP Lifeless we also got some offers to sign contracts with  labels … what sometimes can make someone very confused.

Stahlnebel / Black Selket

What did it bring you? What progress have you made over the years?

Sander: Actually it has bring us where we just are and we are still growing and searching for new things.

[Ralph]: … if you cease to learn, you have lost the fight. So, each and every song or “touched by” (remix with changed voice) we create, brings us forward. I am not the best in writing in English, because my damn school days are very far away, but for me it’s important that our listeners understand what I mean, enjoy our songs and that  it all together sounds harmonic.  

Finally you signed a deal with a label, Advoxya is the lucky one, Was it hard for you to get signed, how did this happen?

Sander: Uhmm to sign contract but sights must be happy. We have never search so hard for a label but this came on our way. We get in contact because we want to be independed and feel creative in our own way. We know Advoxya from a few years ago and we got in touch again. Our decision was not so difficult. We now already have reached more than others can offer. We are very happy with this new step and looking forward on all our new things together with Advoxya Records.

[Ralph]: It was damn hard to sign a contract when you choose to be independent also in the future … much offers in the past were really bad. And on the first sight it’s very cool that you get from big  labels / names an offer, because you can expect to reach important magazines with articles and promotion very fast, but for what price ??? We choose this price is too high for us, we like to be independent and so to sign with ADVOXYA is for us a perfect way, we feel definitely the same passion in this music. 

Your latest album 'Blood and Passion' is set to take the world by storm soon, Could you give us some insight into what we are going to expect? Why did you pick "Blood and Passion" as albumtitle?

Sander: When I think about this title its maybe different then many people think. Blood is because we (STAHLBLACK family) are Blood brothers. And Passion…that’s what we are doing in  music and life.

[Ralph]: At first, we really hope the listeners like our new album … for us it was the next level in creating music, and now we start another level in 2011 – never feel safe, ha ha.  Re: Title … yeah, “blood” stand for our indispensable StahlBlack family, without them we are nothing … and Sander & I am feel also as real bloodbrothers. Re: “Passion” … it is our pure passion what you can find in our songs.

 When and where can we purchase this album?

Sander: The album is available @ advoxya website. And will be available at many online industrial shops.

[Ralph]: … now, beside ADVOXYA-SHOP  on all important mailorders, like in germany  infrarot, poponaut (cd of the week, yeahhhh) and indietective  … and also very soon by musicnonstop and  oversea by storming the base. Sorry to tell this, but it’s a simple fact that each order of our cd support a label with passion like Advoxya and an independent project like STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET, this is not to underestimate!

Stahlnebel / Black Selket

You had a release party for Blood and Passion, Which is took place at the Matrix. How did it go?

[Ralph]:  Very great … alone the fact to get the chance to have a release party in MATRIX is a pleasure and honor for STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET. We had two live performances there in the past and DJ Mike is a kindly supporter of our music. Btw, also DJ Hive spinned there that evening and as he spinned our “Black threat” (Memories mcd) the dance floor was on the bubble …  a great feeling.

At aStahlnebel show there are often people on stage singing with you guys, does this sometimes bother you or do you love it?

[Ralph]: We definitely like this … because its always, when it is possible, our plan to share the stage together with some people from the audience for our last songs, it’s a bit our way to show the people that we like to make a party together, we try to fill the trench between audience and artist. As you maybe know, I  always find the way inside the audience during our show … its often funny to see the stumped faces.   

How important is style and clothing for Stahlnebel & Black Selket, you have more merchandise than most established bands?

Sander: If we’ve more I don’t know haha..but yes this is what we are and with a few little changes sometime in color or style we can look good and feel happy to wear that.

[Ralph]: Our style is very important, particularly since we notice that the people really like our style. We try to change a bit some colors, but never the complete style, because that is the STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET style. Re: Merchandising … yeah, we have much interesting things for the people, unfortunately our shop on stahlnebel.com is “out of order” since Volker has left us, but you can find  on our facebook pages (under photos) the possibility to order some stuff directly by us (ralph-gothic-magazine@gmx.de]. Ok, enough promotion :)

Stahlnebel & Black Selket has a very strong contact with fans, what do you need to do to reach this?

Sander: We are always try to contact our fans if needed and specially after that Oxidising Angel added us on Facebook the contact with fans has grow. This is a honor  for us that she has do that and in this way Ralph can also check Facebook more often hahah…oldie :P.

[Ralph]: Sure, we need to keep the contact to our friends/fans … because their opinion is important for us. Perhaps its not possible to answer all question in time, but with help from this pages like facebook it is also easier for old people like me :) … thanks for torturing me, brother !

Have you any LIVE shows lined up for this year?

[Ralph]:  We were scheduled as one of the headliner for the ENERGY FESTIVAL in Ukraine this  june, but unfortunately we cant make it … the travel costs are much too high for the organizers and also for us. We hope that after the release from “Blood and passion” some organizers are interesting to bring us on they´re stages … no fear, its not too expensive and you can expect a show which will be remembered :)

Stahlnebel / Black Selket CD

You have recorded a song with Johan of Suicide Commando, how was it for you to work with him?

Sander: This was  a big honor for us. His music is still powerful and what I like about his music is that he still can keep his own sound and style. That’s not only good but also PERFECT!! It was for me a pleasure and of course he is still Mr. Suicide Commando hahah..Thank you Johan!! 

[Ralph]: A big honor and pleasure for us, Johan is always a great example in music and how to deal with colleagues … Thank you and keepit like this Johan. I like his music since a long time and it is also a great  and good influence how he goes his way in the scene.  To sing (scream) with the master Johan van Roy himself, and that for two times, was a  great experience for me. Found our “duet” on SUICIDE COMMANDO last single “Death cures all pain” and our song “Missbraucht” !

It has been a pleasure as always interviewing you, are their any last words for our readers?

Sander: Was a pleasure for me as well. Also for the believe in us these last years and some help of course :D. We want to thank our fans and other people that support us. And one person we not must forget is End the DJ because his support is so important for us. We cant wait to get on stage with him in the future. Also we want to thank our label for this cool new step and on all what will come.
I wish all our fans the best and lets party soon together :D

[Ralph]:  We THANK YOU … the pleasure was on our side :) We hope to see you all soon on a stage near your town, until that, you hopefully enjoy our new album “Blood and passion” and keep dancing on our songs on each dark dance floor of the world, thanks for your support … see you soon !!

Sander ( Black Selket )  &  [Ralph] from STAHLNEBEL

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