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Antythesys was formed by an ex-member of Alien Vampires. Right after having left Alien Vampires he together with B.R.K. and Virul3nt (Shiv-r) set up this new band, releasing a debut full length “Point Blank” in 2009 on Evution Noize Records. I missed this debut-CD and have no idea of how their first steps as Antythesys sounded like. Having been picked up by Advoxya Records they’ve now launched a new CD.
“Over Dose” unleashes a rather trendy, but efficient dark-electro style. Antythesys moves in the area of bands like Noisuf-X and Soman. Noisuf-X definitely sounds as one of their main sources of inspiration. “Thrilled To Kill” is a potential hit in the style of Noisuf-X. We get some robotic vocals (instead of the Noisuf-X samplings) on top of the song. Closer to Soman appears the excellent “Inferno”. The song is well-crafted and remains instrumental. Other recommended tracks are “I Feel Bass (Overdose Version)”, “Load Your Guns” again in the Noisuf-X style, “Motherfucker” with an extra technoid touch, “Ada Makes The Machine Sing (Nemesis Remix)” with some few vocal parts and last, but not least “All About You (Twice In Your Face Version)”.
There are fewer vocals used for Antythesys and there are all quite simplistic and provocative. The main strength of the band emerges from the very convincing music, which is food for dark-electro dancefloors.
This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best signings ever on Advoxya Records.

Band: www.antythesys.com / www.myspace.com/antythesys
Label: www.advoxya-records.com / www.myspace.com/advoxya

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