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ASSEPTIC ROOM - Visceralofobia
review on Side-Line belgian biggest music portal

Five years after its debut-CD “Morbid Visions” released on DSBP, Carlos Ruiz (ex Dioxyde) joined the Advoxya label to bring his music back to life.
I experienced this new opus as a metamorphosis in sound. Asseptic Room remains influenced by dark electronics, but “Visceralofobia” more explores 90s standards. The mix of dark electronics and EBM à la early Frontline Assembly works quite well and I here want to recommend the track “Arzamas 16”. This is one of the hardest pieces of the release. Asseptic Room is mixes experimental influences together with industrial elements and even mysterious ambient parts. It sounds like they are evoking intelligent electro forms of the 90s and Mortal Constraint is a reference on the track “The Shame”. Cold Klinik-al vibes are running through this song as well. I can also recommend the title-song which was sung in Spanish.
Better than emulating the 20th Century giants of dark electronics, Carlos Ruiz intelligently reworked some electro forms of the 90s. It injects some diversity to the Advoxya label mainly dealing with ‘typical’ dark electro standards. I’m sure that “Visceralofobia” will be pleased by numerous old-school lovers of dark electronics and even EBM.

Band: www.assepticroom.com / www.myspace.com/assepticroom
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