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AKTIVE.HATE "In Terrorem" review
on Brutal Resonance

There's a simple formula for Harsh Ebm. Cover your art with blood, make titles that insinuate hatred and suffering, and constantly spell words with K instead of C. This almost never works now, by proxy, but in rare circumstances, it does work.Portuguese act "AktiveHate" is one of these exceptions, and the artist is universally considered to be among the top of the scenes heirachy. Incidentally, ISK has about 12 other projects, ranging from Black Metal to Old school EBM, and almost all of them are extremely good.

The album begins with "My Own God" - an absolute staple song of the genre, an unforgettable classic that was previously aired on the "Corrosive Intent" EP. it has everything you want from "Terror EBM" - (I said previously I would never use that term again. Feel free to mock me - nick@brutalresonance.com) - harsh synth that stands out in your mind for hours afterwards, and doesn't just sound like a swarm of Bees raping a Vuvuzela.

"FU" also has an innate style to it, merging several beats, loops, and pulses into a fast-paced aural attack. Fuck You indeed! This track also features Guitars, and before you groan and complain, the Guitars are very minimal, but done with the greatest of aplomb.

I DESPISE Electronics and Guitars working together, but the use of them here, and the way the riffs compliment the synth work is actually nothing short of pure unrestrained Talent.

I can't do a track by track for 15 songs, when they are ALL this good. Once again, AktiveHate has moved the Goalposts, introduced instruments that wouldn't normally impress any of the more hardened Harsh EBM fans, and blended it into an album of masterful Hate.

Final Mention goes to The "Twilight Freakshow" remix of "Play the Game". This French act is another one to watch.

Another excellent Advoxya release!

12 Feb 2011

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