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DOLLS OF PAIN "The Last Conflict" review
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A few months ago we announced the signing of Dolls Of Pain on Advoxya Records. After numerous releases they moved to a new label and teased us with the EP “Strange Kiss” preceding their new full length.
And here it is, a heavy piece of dark electronics empowered by guitar riffs. Some of the guitar parts sound like samples and are a bit punk-like. It might sound as a contrast to the dark electronics, but it all sounds quite harmonious, muscled and efficient. The opening tracks “the Beginning Of The End” and the already familiar “Strange Kiss” both are directly bringing you in the mood to move. Dark and carrying tunes reinforced by guitars and harsh vocals remain the essence of this band.
Dolls Of Pain definitely is a band that is characterized by a growing maturity. The sound and style didn’t really change, but the experience now helps them to compose great songs. The only regret is maybe the lack of a real ‘hit’ song. We get several cool tracks (cf. “Why Not?”, “Inside Your Soul”, “Stay Far Away From Me”), but maybe not the song that would push Dolls Of Pain in the spotlights of the dark electro scene.
Don’t get me wrong, this simply is a good album composed by a band striving for a unique approach. It can be defined as dark and punkish electro.
Band: www.dollsofpain.com / www.myspace.om/dollsofpain
Label: www.advoxya-records.com / www.myspace.com/advoxya

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