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THE CHEMICAL SWEET KID "Tears Of Pain" review
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Julien Muraioli aka The Chemical Sweet Kid is a French composer operating from the northern part of France. We last year got a rather disappointing demo from this project, which however made a noticeable appearance on one of the famous “Endzeit Bunkertracks”-volumes with the song “Tears Of Blood”.
“Tears Of Blood” is the opener of this first official CD, which takes us again in the shadow of Suicide Commando. Johan Van Roy clearly is a main source of inspiration for this artist who started his activities as a DJ (DJ Xanax). Sound-wise the production of this song could have been more professional. That’s also what comes through on the next cut “Human” where the production of the percussion suffers from amateurism. The song properly speaking has some cool parts, which again evoke Suicide Commando. The song “Six Feet Under” reveals a more complex writing style. One of the most noticeable tracks is “Sad Truth” for its cold tune and a few industrial elements while the rhythmic is pure EBM-like. “No Longer” reveals a cool EBM bass line, but the second part of the album can’t totally convince.
“Tears Of Pain” sounds rather brutal, which fits to the enraged vocal parts, but just as on the previous demo the songs can’t totally convince me. We are even entering a chaotic style on “Identity”, which appears to be one of the worst pieces here. “Tears Of Pain” has been too much based on the previous demo of CSK. A last wink to this demo is the hidden cover version of The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black”. It’s an honest version in a turbo-endzeit style.
This project needs more experience to achieve a more relevant and convincing composition. The dark electro scene counts an impressive number of average bands and CSK is lost in this mass.
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