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THE CHEMICAL SWEET KID "Tears Of Pain" review
on Chain D.L.K.

This Chemical Sweet Kid isn't at all that sweet, but rather a relative new rising star out of the Harsh EBM/Hellectro-camp. It's too bad, that this specific genre offers new and/or undiscovered additions nearly on a daily base, since this can be finally being a reason of getting unrecognized. While I don't think, that this will count for this album too. The Chemical Sweet Kid, or short CSK, is the musically brainchild of Julien M. out of Metz, France, who can look back on a DJ-career under the moniker Xanax. CSK has been established in 2008 and in 2009 Julien has added with Coralie a female counterpart. The right drive to push forward the musically career can be surely named with the participation on the Alfa Matrix 4-CD box-set 'Endzeit Bunkertracks (Act V)', while CSK have been also active as remix contributors for those notorious fellowmen like Dolls Of Pain or Schultz.
Finally CSK could release this first album, which is seemingly self-produced. The Hungarian-based label Advoxya Records acts only as a distribution partner to ensure world-wide availability to purchase this album. Starting with the first track "Tears Of Blood" as being the opener for this album, I wasn't at all too much fond of it. The sequences in use and the style of the chosen synthesizer-sounds are too obviously influenced by the Belgium (sound-) slaughter of all Harsh EBM-relations, Mr. Johan van Roy. Another colourless SC-clone, well, that would be another unnecessary addition out of the Hellectro-camp.
Luckily things get better with tracks like 'Human' or moreover with the straight 'Six Feet Under'. If CSK concentrate to keep the speed high of their tunes (Six Feet Under', 'No Longer', 'Ergo Sum'), they can easily fill in the niche, which their countrymen Tamtrum have left open, after their horrible last album. The hatred energy to reach this target can be extracted through Julien's energetic vocal performance, which doesn't need FX elements to sound that angry. That's raw and a rather Punk-driven form to express the ominous lyrical content.
Thumbs up also for the will to add breaks in between the tracks: 'Identity' is a fine example, how to completely interrupt a straight oriented tune with totally different sounding interceptions. The will to produce also darker and more creeping stuff can be additionally discovered with tracks like 'So Many Things', or 'Face To Pain', which feature mystic and ominous synth-layers to embrace a Dark Electro-related attitude.
Also note that hidden tracks placed at track position 26, which is a cover of the self-explanatory 'Paint It Black' ' surely that kind of track to animate a reserved audience during gigs! This all is well-thought to take care for diversity, which can unfortunately too seldom discovered in this music genre. CSK can also score through some of the used synthesizer- and drum pattern sounds, which differ from the usual formula.
All of this pressed on a silver circle featuring a fine looking cover artwork which includes all lyrics; this debut satisfies all expectations of the Harsh EBM listener. It's far away from being named musically innovative, but who seriously expects this from a newcomer project in this music genre? The potential behind this duo is recognizable, and that counts. Good job done so far, kids, now move on to your next!

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