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K-NITRATE "Voltage" review
on Nemesis To Go

K-Nitrate is the project of Graham Rayner, who used to be in Cubanate, apparently. 90s industrio-heads who remember Cubanate's muscular, pumping, steroid-enhanced cyber-bangers can be assured that the apple has not fallen far from the tree. K-Nitrate give us a broadside of thumpin' EBM that ticks all the generic boxes but never challenges the boundaries. Everything here is based on driving electro-beats that sound so 'classic EBM' that if you told me that this was a remix album, and all ten tracks here were spiffed-up instrumental reworkings of Nitzer Ebb's 'Let Your Body Learn', I'd probably believe you.

Yes, we're mostly in the instrumental zone here. Unlke the Ebb (and unlike the 'nate, for that matter), K-Nitrate don't deal much in vocals, aside from the occasional judiciously-placed sample or repeated, down-in-the-mix chanted phrase. 'Flesh', a typical rolling-beat workout that can stand for any tune here, features a matter-of-fact voice asserting "I wanna take you/I wanna break you" - a fairly typical piece of EBM apocalyptica that recalls a similar line from Cubanate's 'Oxyacetalene'. Maybe it's a deliberate tribute from the pupils to the masters. But I couldn't help thinking how Marc Heal, Cubanate's shouty-crackers frontman, would have taken that lyric by the scruff of its neck and wrung some real drama from it. K-Nitrate just sound like they're remarking on the weather. Maybe that's how it is in the EBM zone now - classic sounds, but nobody's getting down with the crazy these days.

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