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A7IE 'Narcissick' review
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Here comes the third full length from the French duo of A7ie (Aseptie) which can also be considered an EP. Gyom and Charl1ne move on composing harsh electro vibes (cf. two new songs), but the main tracks are remixes (from the previous album “The Shattering”).
The new song “Lullaby Of Pain” is a “Clubmix” totally stands for the dark and haunting electro style of the band. Hard, distorted vocals accentuate the icy sound. I personally prefer the other new song entitled “The Blaze”. I can’t say that it sounds groundbreaking rather than a good, average song in the genre.
Over now to the remixes, which have been realized by bands like Kaos Frequenz, Stahlnebel & Black Selket, Centhron, Project Rotten, Dolls Of Pain ao. I regret the lack of originality in the choice of the remixes. It all sounds a bit like clones of Suicide Commando remixing another clone. It doesn’t necessary sound as being a negative point. Several remixes are quite well-crafted. Just pay attention for the remix of “I, Liar” remixed by Stahlnebel & Black Selket, “Martyr” remixed by Centhron, “The Blaze” remixed by Project Rotten”, “Angels” remixed by The Twilight Freakshow, but especially “Neuroleptics” featuring Nexus VI. This last song is the absolute club-killer from the album. It sounds pretty Suicide Commando-like, but some unexpected violin sounds plus the sensuality of Charl1ne (on vocals) are resulting in a terrific song.
A7ie is a typical project for the ‘endzeit’ die-hard fans. I personally prefer their previous albums, but remixes is a way to bring their previous album back alive.
(Tor Cleenics:7)Tor Cleenics.
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