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PROJECT ROTTEN 'Cinema Bizarre' review
on Tempelores Magazine

Releasedate: September 2011; Label: Twisted Flesh Recordings / Advoxya Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

Project Rotten is a Swedish duo existing out of Fredrik Croona (vocals, lycrics) and Kettil Sundberg (music). The band started in 2009 and they released their debut album “The Freakshow” last year. Anno 2011 the band returns with a new release called: “Cinema Bizarre”.

The Swedish mentioned their album is harder and more aggressive than before. For newbies to their sound hard to judge, but the band does not waste time to get to their stereotypical sound of EBM. Sure maybe not the newest thing here, but what the band does quite well is bringing in quite some variation. None of the songs are alike and yet it suits all well together. For example, halfway the record the band comes with the song “Visions of Death” (vs Pre Emptive Strike 01) which is catchy and then quickly turns back to the danceable sound you heard before. Kind of teasing as well, at the end of the track the catchy melody is still stuck in mind. Also the band has several good co-operations in their album that make it all a bit more special. The track “Club Death” is featured by Johan van Roy, known from Suicide Commando, and shows exactly in what league you expect Project Rotten.
“Cinema Bizarre” is a strong release, showing different sides of the band due their versatility within. Works quite well, one to get!

01. Soul Stripped (No Future)
02. The Hunger (feat Javi Ssagittar)
03. Through The Chaos
04. Nightmares 2k11
05. Crucified (Club Rework)
06. Visions Of Death (vs Pre Emptive Strike 01)
07. Your Saviour (Beg For Release)
08. Club Death (feat Johan Van Roy)
09. Fuel My Hatered
10. Borrowed Time
11. Out For Blood (Can’t Break Us 2k11)

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