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PROJECT ROTTEN 'Cinema Bizarre' review
on Brutal Resonance

With ‘Cinema Bizarre’, Project Rotten takes a big step from the underground and moving towards the light of the more recognized bands within the harsh genre. It got several things backing it up on its journey.

By removing much of the distortion from the vocals, the voice of Fredrik Croona strikes more pure and feels more alive and distinctive. Giving it a true identity instead of mixing together with the soon millions of harsh bands using the same feature. A step in the right direction of separating themselves from the crowd.

X/209’s music is highly inspired by the Southern American harsh scene with short bursts on the keys, leaving the sounds high pitched and rapidly put together to form the melodies. While this works very well and the melodies themselves are varied enough, I would love to see what he could form if he were to let the melodies and sounds flow out into something less fast paced. I think that would make it even more ever-changing and dynamic.

Fredrik and X/209 are not alone on this album, no sir; they got the fine company of Javi Ssagitt (Terrolocaust), Pre Emptive Strike and the legend Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando). But this is not merely a namedrop, no, the actually bring something great to the table and “The Hunger” which is featuring Javi is probably the best track on the album. Breaking up the screaming vocals and adding his very great and unique voice to the mix, leaving you amazed.

With eleven solid and high quality tracks (yeah, I’m leaving out the not so serious bonus track), ‘Cinema Bizarre’ is the step I wanted Project Rotten to take. If they succeed to make their sound even more unique and really steps out from the crowd, they are surely going to make a name for themselves.

Patrik Lindström
29 Aug 2011

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