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PROJECT ROTTEN 'Cinema Bizarre' review
on Blackvector Magazine

Project Rotten are back with their second studio album. “Cinema Bizarre” is the follow up to last years “The Freakshow” album and continues on where it left off.

On “Cinema Bizarre”, the band have included several guest appearences in form of Javi Ssagittar from Terrolokaust and Johan Van Roy of Suicide Commando which contributes with their voices. Even a collaboration with Greeks finest PreEmptive Strike 0.1 is there. The production seems better from previous album and I must say the band have evolved a lot since I reviewed one of their demos from 2009.

One huge step the band have taken is that the vocals isn’t that distorted as before. Something I think is for the better and it give the vocals a better and more cleaner vocal structure. It can still sound very dark and harsh even without distortion.

The band have included several reworked versions from older songs. “Nightmares” is a track that was included on one of the demos released during the early stage of the band and from what I can recall it was one of those tracks I enjoyed. This 2011 version is worked through and updated to the better. One of the highlights on the album. Furthermore, “Crucified”, taken from the debut album has also been put under the knife and got a more club friendly overhaul.

Doing a collaboration with PreEmptive Strike 0.1 doesn’t seem to be a bad idea. Shiv-R did it last year and Project Rotten does it now. Both with a spendid result. The ancient Greek and medieval influences fits perfectly with the harsh voice of Fredrik. “The Hunger” with Javi added to the vocals is among the better on the album. The contrast between harsh vocals, dark and heavy beats and Javi’s clean and rather unique voice is amazing.

With a more worked through sound and the time to grow within the scene, “Cinema Bizarre” is a great album leading the band into a new path leaving the underground and starting to do a name for themselves.


01. Soul Stripped (No Future)
02. The Hunger (featuring Javi Ssagittar)
03. Through The Chaos
04. Nightmares 2K11
05. Crucified (Club Rework)
06. Visions Of Death (vs. PreEmptive Strike 0.1)
07. Your Saviour (Beg For Release)
08. Club Death (featuring Johan Van Roy)
09. Fuel My Hatered
10. Borrowed Time
11. Out For Blood 2K11 (Can’t Break Us)
12. Untitled Bonus Track



Written by: Björn Andersson

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