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PROJECT ROTTEN 'Cinema Bizarre' review
on COMA Music Magazine

Project Rotten – Cinema Bizarre
Label: Advoxya Records
Release Date: September 25, 2011
Website: projectrotten.se

Review by: Michael Faries

Little known group Project Rotten is back with Cinema Bizarre, another frightening journey into the world of Harsh-EBM. The duo was formed in 2009 and is comprised of Fredrik Croona (from Metropolis artist Menschdefekt) and Kettil Sundberg (Syndrome X/209). If you haven’t heard of either, consider this your formal introduction to a group you won’t take out of your playlist. Following the debut album, 2010’s The Freakshow, Project Rotten decided to change the sound to a slight degree. This time around, you can actually make out some of the vocals, which is always a plus. Other than that, this release is very similar to The Freakshow and has the staple ingredients you have come to expect from all the Aggrotech groups you love.

Project Rotten have a couple of collaborators joining them this time around, helping guide their tour around the deepest, darkest stretches that the human psyche is capable of reaching. And it just so happens that these tracks are a couple of the best this album has to offer. Javi Ssagitta (Terrolokaust) adds his vocal support on “The Hunger”, alongside a classy piano interlude that doesn’t seem at all out-of-place, amidst all of the out-of-tune, disturbing synth programming that the song is chock full of.

The beginning of “Club Death” warns you before you enter by spewing out a feminine chant that’s straight out of your Middle-Eastern wet nightmare. Johan van Roy’s vocals toward the end of this song are so disgustingly beautiful that they actually threaten Croona’s howling and slightly robotic vocals that are featured on this album.

More great tracks that are well worth your listen are “Through the Chaos”, “Crucified”(the club rework of their song from The Freakshow), “Your Saviour (Beg for Release)”, “Borrowed Time”, “Out for Blood 2k11 (Can’t Break Us)”, and the synthesizer-harmony killer, “Nightmare 2k11”. In other words, most all of the tracks on Cinema Bizarre will provide the Harsh-EBM addict in you with your daily dose and more of malevolent beats, trance-y synth programming, and heavily-processed vocals.

While some of the vocals on Cinema Bizarre are still a little hard to understand because of a robotic tint that they’re hidden behind, they’ve come a long way from last year’s The Freakshow, which were heavily distorted and almost fully-indecipherable. And, as much as the vocals have been reworked in that little space of time for this album, I predict that Project Rotten will fully figure out what-exactly-they are looking for next time around. I won’t be waiting impatiently, though as Cinema Bizarre will be blasting out of my car speakers well into next year, scaring and scarring all of the ears within a two-block radius.

1. Soul Stripped (no future).
2. The Hunger feat. Javi Ssagittar.
3. Through The Chaos.
4. Nightmares 2K11.
5. Crucified (club rework).
6. Visions Of Death (vs. PreEmptive Strike 01).
7. Your Saviour (beg for release).
8. Club Death feat. Johan Van Roy.
9. Fuel My Hatred.
10. Borrowed Time.
11. Out for Blood 2K11 (cant break us 2K11).

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