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Aktive.Hate 'X-Synthesized'

Genre/Influences: Dark-electro & cyber-metal.

Content: Aktivehate took me by surprise as one of the hottest newly-signed bands on Advoxya Records featuring their debut-CD “In Terrorem” released in 2010. The Portuguese project now strikes back with a DCD featuring one electro disc and one guitar-driven disc.

Let’s start with the electro-minded part entitled “Resynthesized” featuring 13 songs. The debut-CD of the band had a great impact on me, but this is nothing compared to “Resynthesized”. We’re entering an obscure and powerful dark-electro universe, which sometimes reminds me of the rage of Yelworc. I think we can speak about a hybrid between Yelworc, Hocico and Unter Null. This is a solid and fully accomplished work resulting in several outstanding pieces. Aktivehate is not only excelling in power, but still in a very mature writing. The songs are quite cliché-like, but the way they’ve been produced is a real sensation.

The songs are filled with powerful icy sequences, fierce rhythms, dark melodies and enraged vocals. The most essential ingredients to get an irresistible dark-electro production have been featured on nearly all the songs. There’s not one single potential hit, but many different ones. The furious tempo has been holding on nearly the entire album long. “Resynthesized” is one of the releases in the genre I’ve heard in months!

I expected the usual amount of remixes on “Desynthesized”, but we here get the other side of Aktivehate. This album features 13 more songs driven by guitar parts. This is a completely different style, moving into heavy cyber-metal parts. This is another concept, which starts like a real sound tsunami. The debut part is featuring a very violent sound carried by annihilating guitar parts. If the album has been presented as the offspring between FLA and Fear Factory I simply think that the debut songs reduce the aforementioned bands to sweet and gentle guitar powered combos.

But the album progressively moves towards more controlled guitar compositions with more explicit electro elements. The electronics are gaining in importance again getting more in balance with the guitar parts. The musical input is different although featuring some remarkable songs again. “Tangent To Oblivion”, is the absolute masterpiece and here again I dare to speak about a potential hit.

Conclusion: The global concept behind “X-Synthesized” is rather unusual and appears to be a kind of challenge. Listeners will not necessarily like both discs, but each disc has more than enough potential to please electro-lovers on “Resynthesized” and metal-freaks on “Desynthesized”.

Best songs: “Deathcult Karma”, “Rain”, “Unfit”, “Fall”, “One Hit”, “Visions From A Killer” & “Tangent To Oblivion”, “The Bleeding”, “Gutter Zen”, “The Ordeal Glee”.

Rate: (DP:8/9)DP.

Band: www.aktivehate.com / www.facebook.com/aktivehate

Label: www.advoxya-records.com / www.facebook.com/pages/Advoxya-Records/265765706059

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