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Larva 'Broken Hopes Of A Wasted Youth'

Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Content: The previous work I heard of Larva never totally convinced me. The dark-electronics of this Spanish formation were missing some substance and especially some cohesion. After an album released on Danse Macabre they got back to Advoxya Records releasing their 4th official album to date.

This new work remains a pure dark-electro composition, which simply can be defined as ‘hell-electro’. The inspiration clearly comes from a band like Suicide Commando. The originality inside Larva is far to find, but when a band appears to be an efficient emulator of a leading name of the scene I think no one will start to complain. And that’s precisely what this album is all about. From start to finish you easily can recognize the Suicide Commando-input which appears in the dark sequences and icy melodies. Both debut songs are captivating and promising.

Some calmer pieces are awakening spirits of the late 90s electro generation, but here again Larva is a quite efficient copier. The 2nd part of the album is a tiny less interesting as the songs now become quieter and more into haunting atmospheres. It doesn’t take away that some of the songs are well-elaborated. The final chapter of the album brings us back to the main strength of this release, which is a powerful and danceable dark-electro style. Larva here again features a pure devilish and total hell-electro style reaching a climax on “Something To Hate”.

Conclusion: This album makes me belief Larva is on the good path to become a real noticeable dark-electro act. With some extra improvement in the global production this band will be able to take you by surprise!

Best songs: “Something To Hate”, “You Are Alone”, “Destructive Device”, “Reflections In A Mirror”.

Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Band: www.larvas.net / www.facebook.com/larva.inquest

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