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The-Pulsar 'Transformation Of The Flight'

Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient, IDM.

Content: The Pulsar is a Russian band hailing from the beautiful and historical St. Petersburg and, which I discovered on their previous album “Never” (2008). It took them more than 4 years to achieve this new full length, which again sounds like a deeper exploration of electronic music and formats.

The Pulsar doesn’t really sound like the most typical formation and even if they claim to be influenced by bands like Front 242, Haujobb ao it’s quite difficult to seize and define their sound. The least I can say is that the music is rather progressive electro-like and embellished with space atmospheres.

A lot of songs are pretty down-tempo like. The electro treatments are extremely well-written and crafted by irresistible sound treatments. Deep resonating bass sounds and refined, manipulated bleeps have been merged with dark atmospheres and typical space-like effects. The Pulsar moves throughout a fascinating electronic sound universe spiced with a few more elements like slow breakbeat patterns, Arabian sound influences and even a kind of electro-dub touch.

The last part of the work is characterized by some harder parts where the aforementioned EBM-touch makes sense. It’s also a more minimalistic part revealing outstanding cuts entitled “Once Again” and “Higher Than The Sky”.

The main particularity of the album remains the Russian vocals. Some of the vocal parts can’t totally convince me, but when they put some extra effects in the production it sounds much better. This is the only single aspect of this album that could be better.

Conclusion: I have some doubts not that not many people already know this band, but this new full length already reveals the great potential of The Pulsar. A band you have to discover!

Best songs: “Once Again”, “Higher Than The Sky”, “The Answer Is Down The Road”, “Transformation”.

Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

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