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Embryoid – Dead Cells
Side-Line album review

Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, EBM.

Content: Advoxya Records has released several great albums during the past few months, but this new project hailing from France for sure belongs to one of my favorites. Embryoid has been set up by an ex-member (Stéphane Ayas) of Skoyz, which released 2 great albums. The debut album of Embryoid appears 7 years after the last CD of Skoyz. It seems that it took more time than expected to finalize this opus, but the result is great.

“Dead Cells” immediately brings the listener into a powerful sound universe driven by elements of dark-electronics and EBM. It’s a rather classical electro formula, but the album makes sense for featuring multiple alluring cuts. Embryoid sounds powerful and extremely cold. A few songs remind me –especially for the bass lines to Leather Strip and that’s much more than simply a reference. Embryoid is not innovating, but simply composing an alluring work. The songs are well-crafted and the global production is mature. I also like the vocals production, which is moving in between typical hard and distorted parts and spookier, whispering parts.

A few songs reveal some vague technoid arrangements, but globally speaking, remains very icy. Other passages are filled with space-like atmospheres. Most of the songs have been made with the good-old dark-electro formula featuring high and sharp tones. A last song to mention is “Wonderland” for showing a more pronounced and alluring EBM approach. This song sounds like it was made by another band, but it seems to reveal certain diversity in the writing process.

“Dead Cells” features 12 tracks plus 4 remixes by High Level Static, Stahlnebel & Black Selket, Dolls Of Pain and Larva. The remixes are quite cool as well while I have a little preference for “I Hate U” remixed by Stahlnebel & Black Selket and “Harshlife” remixed by Dolls Of Pain.

Conclusion: Out of the ashes of Skoyz we get this new and promising French formation. “Dead Cells” is a fully successful debut that has enough songs to hit the dark-electro and EBM scene by surprise!

Best songs: “No Leadership”, “I Hate U”, “Stupid Game”, “Pleasure Of Pain”, “Death Is Mine”, “Wonderland”.

Rate: (DP:8/9)DP.


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