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Schyzzo.Com – Striptease And Revolt
Side-Line album review

Genre/Influences: Breakbeats, psychedelic-electronics.

Content: Four years have passed since the “Sexshop”-album. Schyzzo.Com has been always one of the most atypical bands from the Advoxya roster and their 3rd full length only confirms that statement.

The Hungarian duo is once again mixing very different styles that are moving from a kind of psychedelic-electro to breakbeats. Especially the songs carried by the furious energy of the breakbeats are reminding some earlier work of The Prodigy. Several leads remind me of the famous Prodigy-hit “Voodoo People”. Just listen for songs like “Rouge” and “Battery” to see the link. Other cuts seem to be carried by guitar parts, which just seem to the manipulated electro sounds.

“California/Acoustic” is a great song to illustrate this kind of psychedelic approach.
I also have to mention the great “Lazer”-song, which is pure electronic lust. There’s a great bass line carrying this song while the vocals have been replaced by a cool sampling. The song “One Dollar For Your Body” features another typical element of Schyzzo.Com, which is the Eastern atmospheric influence this band already experimented with on their previous work.

The last part of the album features 4 remixes by Sunao Inami, Dirty Bird, Niteshift and LivingTotem. I have a little preference for the remix of “Rouge” by Sunao Inami.

Conclusion: The Prodigy influence that is spicing this album is really fascinating –although not innovative, aspect I totally appreciate. But “Striptease And Revolt” has much more to offer, making this CD very interesting! Definitely a tip if you don’t know what to buy!

Best songs: “Lazer”, “Rouge”, “Battery”, “One Dollar for Your Body”.

Rate: (Elise Din:8)ED.

Band:www.schyzzo.com / www.facebook.com/pages/SchyzzoCom/207779565905268

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