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Instans – Understatement
Side-Line album review

Genre/Influences: EBM, dark-electro

Content: Instans is Fredrik Djurfeldt and Ulf Lundblad. You maybe know this duo as Severe Illusion or Vanvård, but they also set up Instans. After a debut album “Common Ground” (2006) and an EP (2010) Instans has been reactivated.

Instans reminds me of 90s productions dealing with a mixture of cold-electronics and EBM elements. Most of the songs are quite minimal sounding and sometimes reminding me of early The Klinik without a similar complexity. This project is not into hard pumping rhythms and fast sequences. The sound is driven by a strong moody format joined by icy bleeps and sharp sounding leads.

The production and especially mixing is an aspect that can’t always convince me. You get the impression the mixing has been voluntary undermined to get a typical retro-style reminding to the early 90s. It reminds me a bit of a demo band and that’s really a pity. Musically, the retro-style of Instans is pretty cool delivering several noticeable songs. Most of the vocals are harsh and fitting with the sound. This album is only featuring 9 songs, which is not that much.

Conclusion: Musically this production features interesting ideas, but I’m afraid it’s not enough to put Instans back on the map.

Best songs: “He Said Run”, “Tell Me To Go Away”, After A While”.

Rate: (Tor Cleenics:6/7)Tor Cleenics.


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