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Where The Butterflies Go To Die
Side-Line album review

Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Content: The previous album of Larva entitled “Broken Hopes Of A Waster Youth” was the first album that was able to convince me of some potential hiding inside this band. The 5th official full length confirms this potential, seeing Larva staying on the good path although all is not that convincing.

Larva first of all remains an extremely dark inspired electro project, which can be defined as (h)el(l)ectro! The harsh, enraged and possessed vocals of mastermind ‘Inquest’ are from start on indicating the dark realms this project likes to explore. After a rather atmospheric and bewitching opener Larva moves towards hard and bouncing electronics. “Buried alive” is a pretty cool cut for the military passage creating a true apotheosis. A few more songs have been completed with noticeable samples like Russian folk parts and other Spanish spoken passages.

I remember Larva for its typical Suicide Commando inspiration. The new songs are less infected by the shadow of Johan Van Roy, but “My Own Hell” might be the exception to the rule. The icy sequences running through this cut will for sure appeal for all lovers of Suicide Commando and co. The originality in sound has been never the main force of Larva, but globally speaking the band now deals with consistent tracks. The well-crafted “Tale Of New Vork” is an efficient exposure of the band’s evolution throughout the years.

Conclusion: Larva confirms that it is on the right path although I’m missing an absolute hit getting this band out of the shadow.

Best songs: “My Own Hell”, “Ta​le Of New Vork”, “Fuck The Poor”, “Buried Alive”.

Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Band:www.larvas.net / www.facebook.com/larva.inquest

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