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Stupre – Das Ist Electro Dark
Side-Line album review

Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Content: About 3 years after their debut-CD “Priceless” released on the now gone French label Cortex Records (label of Skoyz, Neon Cage Experiment, Wired Brain) Stupre is one more French formation to have signed to Advoxya Records.

The title of the album clearly indicates the main source of inspiration this album has been made of. Stupre deals with a classical dark-electro style, which is based upon harsh vocal parts, icy bleeping sequences and punching rhythms. I appreciate most of the cold and typical sequences like the kind of sonar-sound running on “Drag King V2” and the more melodic sequences on “Sharp Broad Knife feat. Sons Of Fenris”. The way the vocals have been harshly produced is not always that convincing. It for sure creates an aspect of terror, but sometimes it appears to be too saturated.

This album also reveals another approach, which is less classical. It’s a rather surprising and alluring progressive style –although mixed with dark-electro elements as well. It’s a bit experimental as well, a touchy minimal-like and quite diversified as well. I’m referring to songs like “Coffein Rush” which is driven by cold grooves while the vocals are quite spooky and more in the background. There also is “Sad(istic) Sick Bitch”, which has a little touch of Leather Strip merged with great sampled movie parts reminding me a bit of the style of PF Project. Another cool piece is the progressive-minded and EBM-inspired “No Passion”. Last, but not least I also have the mention another minimal-like track entitled “So Much More feat. K Bereit”. This is more into retro-EBM carried by a solid bass line and reminding me of the intelligence of early Front 242.

Conclusion: The new Stupre-album is moving between duality. At one side you’ve a rather cliché dark-electro style and at the other side there’s enchanting more progressive style based upon EBM elements.

Best songs: “Sad(istic) Sick Bitch”, “No Passion”, “Peeled Skin”, “So Much More feat. K Bereit”.

Rate: (DP:7)DP.


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