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Instans - Common Ground
Review by Gothtronic

Instans is a Swedish project of the the two members of the a bit more known EBM-industrial project Severe Illusion. Instans plays minimal EBM with a dark edge. Distorted sequences, growling vocals and harsh beats and rhythms mark the sound of Instans. They make usage of pretty simple melodies. It all sounds quite effective. Common Ground is the debut album of this duo. It would originally have been released via the Polish Black Flames label but they went out of business and now the cd is released with some delay by Advoxya records, an EBM-industrial label in Hungary. The sound of Instans is old school, yet it is easily up to par with what’s currently happening, as it has a nice and dark touch you’ll often hear in dark electro, be it without the trance influences you’ll often hear in that kind of music. Listen for instance to ‘Cause and Effect’. You could consider Instans a more straightforward and lighter version of their main project Severe Illusion. The cd has been mastered by C-drik. Highlights are ‘First Off’, ‘Combat Girl’ and ‘Hard Work’. Recommended to fans of minimal and old school EBM as well as fans of Severe Illusion.

Band: Instans(int)
Label: Advoxya records
Genre: electro (ebm / dark electro / minimal electro(clash) / synthpop)
Type: cd 
Grade: 7
Review by: TekNoir
Website: http://www.instans.tk

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