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Scyzzo.Com - Interfear’s Network
Review by Gothtronic

A really cyberish cover with a bandname like this one gives some impressions about the content of the music: dark electro! The bandname makes it very easy to remember the linkto the website, so quickly found out that we’re dealing with a Brasilian band here. And next to 3 Cold Men we haven’t seen those more. So we definitely need to listen to it although the cover looks amateuristic like this. A bombastic intro introduces the cd. More classical than expected, this start. Pretty quickly we hear strings, various samples and drum sounds. The melodies are also quite strong in the first tracks, but the beats and sounds are a bit simple i think. This is caused by the fact that the band tries to connect an old EBM school sound to more challenging electro and even rhythmic industrial, and this very often just doesn’t deliver like it should. The one moment you’re reminded of the Dutch Elektronische Maschine, and the next to Dive, or even Converter when listening to the music on Interfear’s Network. Do not get the impression that the music of Scyzzo.com is as good as mentioned acts, because this is not nearly the case. The attempt however is nice but falls short in talent to keep it focussed and it lacks good production. However, i am curious how this band will develop, since the ideas are nice.

Band: Schyzzo.com(int)
Label: Advoxya records
Genre: electro (ebm / dark electro / minimal electro(clash) / synthpop)
Type: cd 
Grade: 6
Review by: TekNoir
Website: http://schyzzo.com

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