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Wavefall - Huge Frustration
Review by Gothtronic

A cover with an image of a city haunted by disaster with carwrecks all around and tornadoes that ominously threaten the city, gives the impression that Huge Frustration is not a happy recording and this is correct. Wavefall plays EBM with dark electro influences and distorted vocals, to which the old school touch is dominant. Not very minimal, sometimes you will also hear a roaring guitar, but the music has no futurepop influences. Comparisons with Hocico and Funker Vogt are somewhat justified, but Wavefall sounds different anyway. Sometimes the classical bombastic sounds make you think of Flesh Field as well. Some research learns that Wavefall is a Russian band. They have contributed to a Russian Project Pitchfork tribute before, a band that is still extremely popular in that area. Next to Wavefall i do not know many Russian EBM and synthbands: Emplosia, Altera Forma and The Pulsar, but that is about it. Wavefall is pretty good and uses original sounds in their music which ensures them a face of their own. Huge Frustration was released in october 2006 and is an accomplished debut for this band.

Band: Wavefall(int)
Label: Advoxya records
Genre: electro (ebm / dark electro / minimal electro(clash) / synthpop)
Type: cd 
Grade: 7
Review by: TekNoir

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