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The-Pulsar - Revolution / Reloaded
Done by Marc Tater

Artist: THE-PULSAR info {at} the-pulsar {dot} com ]
Title: Revolution (Reloaded)
Format: CD
Label: Advoxya Records info {at} advoxya-records {dot} com ]
Distributor: Poponaut
Already the third official release signed to the Hungarian-based Advoxya label for this prominent Russian trio consisting of Sergey Naan, Alexey Boitsov and Vladimir Sokoushin. The title may suggests it, “Revolution (Reloaded)” isn’t a complete new studio album. “Revolution” was a successful early recording of band dated back to 1999 and so of course originally a hard-to-get-item. It may was simply published as a self-released demo, maybe only available on tape, but surely only available in Russia. The responsible people at Advoxya seemed to be astonished by the bands’ early works, therefore they’ve decided to re-release this special edition completely revamped and new mastered. To forward the conclusion of this album – the audio result proves them right. “Revolution (Reloaded)” offers a stronger dedication on classic EBM tunes heavily inspired by the old Belgium-based school. 3 band members, a hidden fourth member responsible for production and mastering (Slava Arkhipov) – well, doesn’t this remember you on the biggest EBM-invention ever? But not only for this I like to name 242, maybe asides SIGNAL AOUT 42 or/and AIRCRASH BUREAU, as possible quells of inspiration. The pressure this trio is capable to create out of their machinery is somewhat similar to 242, while THE-PULSAR may can’t back up with that immense studio efforts of Belgium’s veterans. “Revolution (Reloaded)” consist of 9 tracks, plus a special remix on the track “March” provided by the up and coming Russian talent DENERGIZED. As I’ve said before, this album deals with the rougher first period of the band, which may sounds a bit dated from its kind and production especially compared to their both predecessor releases “Awakening” and “Re-Wakening”. But who cares, since old-school EBM currently regains ground and acceptance in the scene. No stuff for the Trancewhackedgoregalore-maniacs (copyright by electrofreak), but a MUST-HAVE-release for every EBM maniac.

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