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The Crystalline Effect – Identity
review by Side-Line

Elenor Rayner (vocals and lyrics) and Pete Crane (music) are The Crystalline Effect. Hailing from Australia their debut album "Glass" was released in 2005 on the Polish (and now gone) Black Flames Records. They joined another East-European label to release the "Hypothermia"-EP in 2007.

"Identity" is definitely a good name to define this new album. Ths Crystalline Effect definitely gained in maturity finding the right balance between EBM and groovy-technoid elements. The vocals of Elenor Rayner become another essential part of the songs. She now adds some deep, emotional content (cf. "How I Get Out") in her timbre of voice and than moves into hot and sexy parts (cf. "Ialundra"). Pete Crane perfectly operates behind his gear leading the music of The Crystalline Effect into cool danceable vibes. The song "Five Ways To Run" is a very good illustration of the man's evolution.
He here creates a divine mix between typical dance tones and a kind of psychedelic touch. The sound research is remarkable and definitely pushes "Identity" into a refreshing electronic anthem. A few other songs like "Blue Sea", "How I Get Out" and even the quieter and astral-like "Life Has Failed You" are excellent extracts from this album. The last 3 songs are remixes by Lee Bulig, Endif and Impact Pulse. Especially the "Tazman Module Remix" of "Nothings Warms This Room" (originally released on the "Hypothermia"-EP) is a great piece of clubby music!

The Crystalline Effect became for sure one of the leading bands on the Hungarian Advoxya Records!

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