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The first experiences: A7ie essence is born in 2002 into the name Aseptie. Evolved into industrial and electro music, the beginning was on the form of an instrumental project, experimenting harsh and distorted beats with dark and melodic backgrounds. Its first official single with vocals was launched in 2005 and released on the French compilation “in this cold terrific room 2” by the label La Chambre Froide (France). “Pray (this agony)” is much appreciated by the audience and has been played in many clubs worldwide.

After several remixes for bands like Agonoize, Tamtrum or Alien Produkt, the band definitely took the name a7ie and is revealed to the public with its single “messiah” , and with many apparitions on compilations like “gothic magazine”, “goth is what you make It vol.2” or “extreme sundenfall vol.6”. In september 2007, A7ie launched its sick music for sick people with the debut album “distress” on the labels La Chambre Froide and Rupal Records (Germany) with remixes by Tamtrum, Wynardtage or X-Fusion, “distress” is announced as best dark electronics album of the month.

3 years after a7ie comes again with its new album "the shattering". Wounds have been dressed and there is no more place for remorses and regrets. Produced by Jan L. from X-Fusion / Noisuf-X, this album contains 9 loud and heavy new original songs + remixes from PreEmptive Strike 1.0, Aktive:Hate, Sadiztik injektion, Adeonesis. Time has come to endure the hate, take care!

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