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The Pain Machinery – Total Recall
review from electro-industrial portal SIDE-LINE - in english

The Pain Machinery – Total Recall
(EP Advoxya Records)

After the “Hostile”-album released in 2005 it became quite silent concerning The Pain Machinery. I’m not saying that they now have to start back from zero, but the least they have to do is to bring the name back alive. The EP “Total Recall” will be from a good help here and in the meantime a strong appetizer for the upcoming “Urban Survival”-album. The Pain Machinery has used to get us familiar with their strong EBM  and the title song opening with an “Extended Mix” holds on the tradition. This is a pretty honest EBM track in the old-school way. “Bloody Retreat” coming next goes on a similar vein although I prefer this cut. There’s a vague Nitzer Ebb touch here, which only accentuates the body strength of the song. “Acid Breakfast” is another enjoyable track for the EBM lovers. This is pure body stuff with some female samplings on top. Quite sexy isn’t it? Among the list of remixes we also get a few good surprises starting with the “Ted Barley Slow Beat Mix” of “Total Recall”. This remix contains great sound textures and is a very good addition to the “Extended” version. The “Electro Punk Remix” of “System Error” featuring Container 90 reminds me a bit of the heavy bass lines à la Pouppée Fabrikk, which will only increase the joy of the hardcore fans. The “Special German Version” of “Total Recall” is quite amusing as well. A very last song I want to recommend is “Broken Beat Mix” of “Bloody Retreat” featuring (again) Ted Barley. This is another song leaded by a terrific bass line. This EP reveals some real good surprises announcing a strong come back for The Pain Machinery!


Band: www.thepainmachinery.com

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